Some Discipline Questions Answered


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Is Spanking Ever Appropriate?

"Do not scold and fret at them; that will not save them at all; but take them right away and pray with them. Ask God to help them, and He will hear your prayers, and it will impress the children more than all the whipping that you could give them. It will help them, and God will unite your hearts with theirs." {Ms81-1910.29}


Should We Tell Our Children About Their Faults?

"We cannot speak any way we please. Not a rough word should escape our lips toward our children unless we want them to receive an impression on their minds that does not help them at all religiously. But tell them their faults patiently, just as Christ does with us, and then seek to remove the objectionable features from their characters. That is the way to do it, and the parents at home can do everything, as it were, if they are abiding in Christ." {Ms 114, 1909, par. 15}

To fully appreciate what she shares here, you really should read some of the sample sermons/articles found in the discipline section.