Blessings of the Holy Spirit

"How abundant is the gift to our world of the Holy Spirit! It is beyond the power of language to express the blessings it brings to God’s people. If received and appreciated, the Holy Spirit will make us holy, Christlike. Through its agency, we are united with Christ, partakers of the divine nature. The reception of the Holy Spirit in its fulness is the great need of the church today. Let us pray earnestly that it may soon be realized." {Lt178-1907.12}


Tidal Waves of Blessing

"Then the Spirit of God like a tidal wave swept over the congregation. Such solemnity! Deep, earnest, heartfelt confessions were made. These men who had stood like icebergs melted under the beams of the Son of righteousness. They came right to the point. They made thorough work. Confessions were made with weeping and deep feeling. We had a most solemn, blessed season of intercession, and then closed the meeting and took our breakfast and assembled again at eight o’clock to finish the work. Parents confessed to children and children to parents, husbands to wives and wives to husbands, brothers to sisters, and sisters to brothers. It seemed like the movement of 1844. I have not been in a meeting of this kind for many years. After the hard fought battle the victory was most precious. We all wept like children." {Lt20-1884}—from a letter written to Uriah Smith June 27, 1884.


God Tests Us Prior To Sending the Holy Spirit

"Before giving us the baptism of the Holy Spirit, our heavenly Father will try us, to see if we can live without dishonoring Him. Draw nigh to God and He will draw nigh to you. Do not think ... that you have received all the spiritual help you need. And do not think that you can have great spiritual blessings without complying with the conditions God Himself has laid down. James and John thought that for the asking they could have the highest place in the kingdom of God. Oh, how far short they fell of understanding the situation! They did not realize that before they could share Christ’s glory, they must wear His yoke and daily learn His meekness and lowliness."—Letter 22, 1902, pp. 9, 10. (To Elder and Mrs. J. E. White, February 1, 1902.) – {2MR 43.1}


Conditions Relative To Receiving the Holy Spirit

"To Jesus, who emptied himself for the salvation of lost humanity, the Holy Spirit was given without measure. So it will be given to every follower of Christ when the whole heart is surrendered for his indwelling. Our Lord himself has given the command, "Be filled with the Spirit," and this command is also a promise of its fulfilment." {RH, November 5, 1908 par. 6}


Holy Spirit Received At the Foot of the Cross

"It is only at the altar of God that human beings can receive the celestial torch. Poor souls may kindle their own fire, and try to walk in the light of the sparks of their own kindling, but they will lie down in sorrow. All self- importance, all striving for the mastery, is born of self-exaltation. This spirit is now so prevalent that the Lord can do very little for humanity, lest men take the glory to themselves, and disparage others. Puffed up and self-inflated, they greatly hurt their own souls and wound the souls of those with whom they have to do, as though they possessed far more wisdom than their brethren. {Lt5-1898} When the soul feels its poverty, and lies low at the feet of Christ, the Saviour puts it under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, who leads it into all truth. The Holy Spirit takes the words that fell from the lips of Christ, and presents them with a living power to the tender, contrite, obedient soul, that Christ’s followers may reveal the gospel by living the truths they profess, and express the perfect image of their Author. {Lt5-1898}

Quotations, unless stated otherwise, are taken from the writings of Ellen White.