Christian Leadership Quotes



Strong words on Christian leadership are shared on this page. It is a work in progress.


Christian Leadership Quotes

Meekness Needed

"Again and again I repeat the warning: Never place as president of a conference that man who supposes that such a position gives him the power to dictate and control the consciences of others. It is natural for man to have a large estimate of self; old habits wrestle for the supremacy; but the man who occupies a position of trust should not glorify himself. The worker who daily subordinates his will to the will of Christ will be educated away from such an idea. He will practice the virtues of Christ’s character in all meekness and lowliness of mind; and this will give to those whom his ministration is supposed to benefit the precious freedom of the liberty of the children of God. They will be free to act out the grace bestowed upon them, that all may understand the precious privileges which the saints possess as members of the body of Christ. {Lt416-1907.13} The one who is in trust of sacred responsibilities should ever show forth the meekness and wisdom of Christ; for it is thus that he becomes a representative of Christ’s character and methods. Never should he usurp authority, or commend or threaten, saying, “Unless you do as I say, you will receive no pay from the conference.” A man who would speak such words is out of his place as president of a conference. He would make men slaves to his judgment." {Lt416-1907.14}

Avoid Appearances Of Evil

1 Thessalonians 5:22 "Abstain from all appearance of evil."

"Now, Elder H., I want you to understand that I appreciate your interest in the scattering of the truth through a wide sale of Early Writings. I thank the Lord that I know you will not misunderstand me. I thank you for your kindly interest in my behalf. But I will closely watch and pray earnestly that the Lord will remove from me this pressure of debt without my taking a course that might seem unfair to the publishing houses. I know that your offer comes from the sincerity of your soul, and may the Lord bless you for your desire to help me. But I dare not venture to risk the consequences of the step you propose. {Lt106-1908.8}

It would not be best for you and me to unite our interests in a manner that might be misunderstood by some who knew that [I] advised that you be chosen as president of the California Conference. The Lord knows all about my situation, and He can bring relief in some other way. But let us preserve our influence as workers who are united with our brethren who are engaged in the Lord’s work. I know that the office at Mountain View has had a hard time, and is in debt, and I should be very sorry to take a step that would tend to discourage our brethren there. {Lt106-1908.9}