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"Education means much more than many suppose. True education embraces physical, mental, and moral training, in order that all the powers shall be fitted for the best development, to do service for God, and to work for the uplifting of humanity."

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Here I will be sharing some of the things that Rose and I find regarding SDA education.  Click for Blog


Education Quotes

Here you will find notable quotes on a variety of subjects relating to education. Click for Educational Quotes page.


Avoid Public Schools

Ellen White was very clear that public schools were not an option for believers due to the teachers not being able to use the Scriptures. Here is further information on this important topic.


Amusement Quotes

Here are important quotes regarding Christian amusements. Though these may not be welcomed, they provide important understandings that are apparently largely forgotten in our day. Click here for the Amusements Quotes Page.


Important Books & Documents On True Education

Ellen G. White

Education (PDF)

This is a wonderful book on Education. I've heard more than one person say it is their favorite book of her writings.

Education (White Estate Link For Book)


Counsels On Elementary Schools For Young Children

In this transcribed dialogue Ellen White, her son Willie and various other individuals discussed the propriety of establishing a school for younger children at St. Helena California where a sanitarium was located. Willie was concerned that establishing a school would counter her counsel that mothers should be the sole teacher of their children in their younger days. The pastor was concerned that establishing a school would remove the parents' responsibility to discipline their own children, etc. Of special significance to our day was the presence of a faithful Adventist believer who was the teacher at the local public school. He seemed highly suited to properly teach the Adventist children and therefore negating the need for a church school. HOWEVER!!! Mrs. White said the inability to use the Scriptures in the educational curriculum at the public school made the public school an unacceptable alternative for the children of believers even if there were a godly Seventh-day Adventist teaching there! Mrs. White gave fascinating answers to several questions that are still be posed in our day, and thereby provide principles that can greatly aid us in making good decisions for children at the present time.


"Speedy Educational Preparation" Article

I wish every member would read this article regarding making speedy preparation for our life work. Decrying the ever increasing time needed to complete the education of most students, she called for quick preparation. Please read this and pray about how decisions are being made in your life.


E. A. Sutherland

E. A. Sutherland Studies in Christian Education pdf

In other formats: EPUB     Kindle

E. A. Sutherland: Student Self-Support


This talk, delivered at a missionary and educational convention in Colorado Springs, CO in 1926, is one of the most instructive discussions I've come across on what it means to be a self-supporting school.

English PDF

Spanish PDF


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