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The Will And God's Way To Victory

Thompsonville, IL SDA Church Seminar Resources



Video From The Thompsonville SDA Church Series

Video First Session: The Will In Overcoming Appetite

In this session I shared how the exodus out of Egypt was a progressive journey of dying to self, a significant part of which was diet. Where they were willing to follow God's direction and donate generously to the building of the earthly tabernacle, when God asked them to accept His diet, they rebelled. I tried to show many of the ways they had to choose God's way over their own way, which is what exercising the will is all about.

Video Second Session: God's Way To Victory

In this session I looked at God's side of the overcoming, and what we can do to cooperate with Him. I could have chosen to speak on many aspects of overcoming—drugs, tobacco, etc—I chose to focus on a meat diet because some very helpful instructive information is available in this regard in the SOP that reveals some of the things we can do to cooperate with God. 


Thompsonville Handouts

Thompsonville Session One Handout: The Will, The Kingly, Deciding Power, In The Nature of Man

Thompsonville The Will Handout 8x11 (Letter size)

Thompsonville The Will Handout A5 (iPad size)

Thompsonville The Will Handout A4 (Longer for other countries)

Thompsonville The Will Handout Epub (Tiny document for telephone)


Thompsonville Session Two Handout: God's Way of Victory

Thompsonville God's Way Of Victory 8x11

Thompsonville God's Way Of Victory A5

Thompsonville God's Way Of Victory A4

Thompsonville God's Way Of Victory epub


Other PDF Resources

Health Reform


The Will

"You are often discouraged at finding yourself weak in moral power, controlled by habits and customs of your old life in sin, to find yourself in slavery to doubt, and inefficient. You find your emotional nature untrue to your best resolutions, untrue to your most solemn pledges. Nothing seems real. Your own inefficiencies lead you to doubt the sincerity of those who would do you good. The more you struggle in doubt, the more unreal everything looks to you, until it seems that there is no solid ground for you anywhere. Your promises are nothing, they are like ropes of sand, and you regard the words and works of those whom you should trust in the same unreal light. You will be in constant peril until you understand the true force of the will. You may believe and promise all things, but I would not give a straw for your promises or your faith until you put your will over on the believing and doing side. If you will fight the fight of faith with your will power, in the work, I have not the least doubt that you will conquer."

Taken from Letter 49, 1887, written to Henri Frey

The will is everything when it comes to overcoming. The following documents offer helpful insights on the will. The fourth letter should be carefully read. The link following the Henri Frey letters explains what the verse means when it speaks of God willing and doing.

The Will Letters of Ellen White to Henri Frey 

Henri Frey, a younger employee of the church's office in Basel, had serious spiritual issues in the areas of relationships and intemperance, as well as a lack of conversion. Ellen White wrote four letters (Lt 36, 47, 48 and 49 in 1887), including one that arguably includes the most important statements made by her on "The Will" (Letter 49). You will recognize some of the statements of the "will" letter because they were included in Steps to Christ and Messages To Young People. The letter, however, includes additional instructive and encouraging statements that you will find most helpful. All of the letters are helpful, the first setting out the need for transformation, the second decrying his poor choice of  companions, the third regarding his defiant response to reproof and the final one encouraging him to solicit the power of the will in overcoming. Further notes on each letter follow.

The First Letter To Henri Frey (Letter 36, 1887)

In this letter, Mrs. White admonishes Henri to consider his ways and seek transformation, pointing to the example of Daniel and his friends at Babylon, who remained unsullied in spite of unfavorable circumstances.

The Second Letter To Henri Frey (Letter 47, 1887)

In this letter Mrs. White decries his failure to heed good counsel and to make decided persevering efforts for himself, including and especially choosing godly companions. The backdrop to the letter is a trip Henri made to a conference in England, paid for by the office in Basel, ostensibly for the purpose of turning his life around. Instead of gaining the blessings intended, he struck up more ungodly male and female friendships and actually wondered if there was anything wrong with the ungodly relationships. Among the issues mentioned were his failure to distinguish between common and sacred, looking for help from human sources, too much trust in his feelings, the degrading influences of his companions and the diminishing influence of God in His life. His only hope lay in giving up every sinful habit and practice that was hindering God hearing his prayers. He was also called to break away from every association that Satan was using as a snare to his soul, including sentimental unsanctified affections of equally weak women.

The Second Letter Revised To Henri Frey (Letter 47a, 1887)

There were minor revisions but the message remained the same: He was seeking sympathy and companionship from individuals who would only lead him further from God.

The Third Letter To Henri Frey (Letter 48, 1887)

In this letter Mrs. White was writing about Henri's defiant response to necessary godly reproof from the managers of the office in Basel: "He answered not a word ... as a bold sinner would do!" He had continued to choose the society of those without moral strength—she described them as his worst enemies, instead of those who would be of benefit. He had been wrongly complaining of being treated harshly. He was speaking of going to the Review office in Battle Creek, which she assured him would not happen. He also incorrectly believed that his services were so valuable that they could not succeed without him—she differed, saying that even if his services were three times as valuable they would still need to remove him from their workforce. Mrs. White told him that instead of defiantly remaining silent, he should have humbly acknowledged the reproof like David accepting Nathan's admonitions. She also makes a wonderful statement on the power of full confession to eject sin.

The Fourth "Will" Letter To Henri Frey (Letter 49, 1887)

In this final and fourth letter to Henri Frey she responded to his feeling sorry for himself and the supposed degradation that would come through his confessing his sins. She advised that he humble his heart and confess his wrongs, asserting "it is a disgrace to sin, but it is no disgrace to confess your sins; rather an honor!" After briefly sharing how to know God's will, she comes to the most important part of all the letters: the victory-bringing role of the will as the governing power in the nature of man. Delineating his discouragement as a result of his weak moral power, lack of control by habits of his old life in sin, and slavery to doubt and inefficiency, he had come to the point of not believing in himself or anyone else. Speaking for herself, Mrs. White said she would not give a straw for his promises that were like ropes of sand. She also immediately asserted, however, that fighting the good fight of faith WITH his will power, would bring success!—she had not the least doubt that he WOULD conquer. She goes on to say, "you need not despair. You must choose to believe, although nothing seems true and real to you."


The Meaning Of Will And Do In Philippians 2:12,13

This wonderfully instructive letter was sent to a school in Australia and was to be read to all the students. It addresses the need for man to do his part while depending on God in every way. Must reading on the subject! 



"I feel deeply in regard to the fact that our people talk the truth, but do not live the truth, thus carrying its principles in their life practices. Every church that has been organized needs a work done for them that God alone can do. They talk consecration, mention consecration in their prayers, and say over and over again, “We give ourselves wholly to Christ,” when they hold tenaciously to their own ideas and will and are not consecrated to Christ. Saying consecration, praying consecration, are not enough. We must practice consecration."

Manuscript Release 21, p. 306.4

The other half of the topic of the will is surrender. Unreserved surrender is necessary for the supernatural overcoming that we were considering in these sessions. 

Meaning And Practice Of Consecration / Surrender

Wonderful!!! Must read material.

Unreserved Surrender

Also excellent.


God's Victorious Power

"Apart from divine power, no genuine reform can be effected. Human barriers against natural and cultivated tendencies are but as the sand-bank against the torrent. Not until the life of Christ becomes a vitalizing power in our lives can we resist the temptations that assail us from within and from without. {ST December 1, 1914, par. 9}
When one surrenders to Christ, the mind is brought under the control of the law; but it is the royal law, which proclaims liberty to every captive. By becoming one with Christ, man is made free. Subjection to the will of Christ means restoration to perfect manhood. Obedience to God is liberty from the thraldom of sin, deliverance from human passion and impulse. Man may stand conqueror of himself, conqueror of his own inclinations."

Signs of the Times, December 1, 1914, par. 10

The best treatment of this subject is found in the book Christ Object Lessons. Below you find the chapter from Christ Object Lessons and an excerpt from a manuscript on the operations of a hospital, explaining how the leavening process works. Eventually thee will also be a power point presentation on the Leavening experience.

Like Unto Leaven

This chapter from Christ Object Lessons is very instructive on how God's power brings about victory.

Leaven Of Truth Operation

In this letter, written to the staff of the St. Helena Sanitarium (St. Helena, California), a few paragraphs explain how the principle of Leaven works. Excellent!


Overcoming Appetite And A Meat-free Diet

"Again and again I have been shown that God is trying to lead us back, step by step, to His original design,—that man should subsist upon the natural products of the earth. Among those who are waiting for the coming of the Lord, meat-eating will eventually be done away with: flesh will cease to form a part of their diet. We should ever keep this end in view, and endeavor to work steadily toward it. I cannot think that in the practice of flesh-eat­ing, we are in harmony with the light which God has been pleased to give us."

Christian Temperance and Bible Hygiene," p. 119.

In the second session I primarily focused on overcoming eating meat because the resources found on the subject were highly instructive and apply to any area of overcoming. 

"Anti-Meat Edition," Medical Evangelist, 1922

This edition of the magazine published by Loma Linda University—initially the College of Medical Evangelists— was completely devoted to helping people adopt a non-meat diet. There are numerous helpful articles.

The Maxson Letters

The following two letters were addressed to a couple who insisted that a meat diet was necessary for their health. Ellen White vigorously disagreed and made suggestions for overcoming. In the first letter Mrs. White disagreed with the necessity of a meat diet and provided helpful counsel on how to overcome. The original letter also included helpful admonitions on how to run a sanitarium but are not included here. The second letter was sent as a followup, further urging health reform and detailing Mrs. White's own dietary program. 

Maxson Letter 1 (Lt73-1896) On Overcoming Meat Diet Letter

"Circumstances cannot work reforms. Christianity proposes a reformation in the heart. What Christ works within will be worked out under the dictation of a converted intellect. The plan of beginning outside and trying to work inward has always failed, and always will fail."

Maxson Letter 2 (Lt73a-1896) Followup Describes Mrs. White's Personal And Family Diet

"All who come to my table are welcome, but I place before them no meat. Grains, vegetables, and fresh and canned fruit constitute our table fare." You will be surprised how simple Ellen White's diet was. 

Hare Letter On Health Reform, Including Non-Meat Diet

This is an important letter to a couple who believed a meat diet was necessary. After strongly suggesting otherwise, Mrs. White also talked about other aspects of health reform, including two meals per day, slowing chewing food, simple food, and thanksgiving at the table.

Practical Tips On Discarding A Meat Diet

This letter, written to Brother and Sister Hare in 1905 gives many practical suggestions on overcoming a meat diet.

Diet Reform Needed

This article from 1902 gives clear information on the kind of diet reformation needed, and why it is so needed.

Ellen White's Testimonials On The Two-Meal Plan

Read her own testimonial on the two meal plan.

Sometimes A Healthy Third Meal Was Needed

Ellen White strongly suggested that people should follow a two-meal-a-day plan, and followed such a plan for as much as 40+ years. However, where there was a need for more later in the day due to the activity going on, she was very open to a third meal if it was lighter, and even suggested what it might consist of.


Overcoming Smoking, Alcohol And Drug Addiction

"The love of fermented wine and strong drink is not the habit and appetite nature has given men, but it is an appetite created and formed, which has no foundation in nature. The indulgence in smoking and chewing the narcotic, tobacco, becomes habit, and the appetite for these things is most difficult to overcome. But those who will come under rule to Christ, who will give their heart, soul, and strength to the Lord Jesus; who for the love of God, and for the sake of wife and children, will sign the pledge of total abstinence, and will pray in faith for the Lord to help them, will cleanse themselves from all filthiness of the flesh and of the spirit. They will need that faith that depends on a higher will power than their own."

Manuscript, 191, 1898, par. 2

These articles are on overcoming other forms of addiction. The first one is more biographical in nature and comes from the personal experiences of the Dr. and Mrs. Dr. Kress at the Battle Creek Sanitarium. 

Addiction Recovery Experiences In Battle Creek - Kress

This chapter from Under the Guiding Hand by the Drs. Kress is very instructive on overcoming drug and other addictions. Must reading!

Evils of Tobacco and Strong Drink

This is short but has one of the most complete paragraphs on overcoming addictions.

Training For Life's Conflicts

In this short chapter from Ministry of Healing, important facts are shared relative to addiction recovery.

 A Five-Minute Plan To Quit Smoking

This is a plan I first heard about when Leo Schreven was holding meetings in the church I was attending. I know from personal experience that some of the people attending succeeded with this plan. 


Pledge Cards

"The Lord has given clear light regarding the nature of the food that is to compose our diet; He has instructed us concerning the effect of unhealthful food upon the disposition and character. Shall we respond to the counsels and cautions given? Who among our brethren will sign a pledge to dispense with flesh meats, tea, and coffee, and all injurious foods, and become health reformers in the fullest sense of the term? "

Letter 162, 1908, par. 7

Pledge cards are often recommended to people overcoming. They cover many many areas of life—rest, diet, marriage, parenting, youth, etc—and should be used more in our day.

The Value of Signing Pledge Cards

On this page I share some of the quotes I have found in the importance of using pledge cards.


Bread Baking Demonstration

Sunday morning Rose demonstrated a sprouted wheat bread recipe that is almost flour-free. Obviously requiring the miracle-working power of leaven, it was a practical demonstration of how God wants to recreate us from the inside out.

Dan's Almost Flour-Free Sprouted Wheat Bread

Here is the recipe and directions for the Sprouted Wheat Bread demonstrated in Thompsonville. I don't believe it was recorded. Accordingly I have uploaded the video and resources from the Village SDA presentation held in 2022.

Sprouted Wheat Recipe



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