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Thousands of free resources are available to Seventh-day Adventist members, many of which are virtually unknown. For example, more than 7,000 issues of the Review are available for downloading. There are hundreds of free books, free Bible Studies, etc. Unfortunately many members are unacquainted with these resources, do not know where to find them, or do not spell English well enough to find them. Accordingly I share many of the more important sites that will prove helpful in your walk with Jesus.—Dan



Main General Conference Website


This is the main site of the church. Most of the departments have a web page and often provide helpful resources.



Revival And Reformation


This is a key site on revival in our church. Many resources are available here.

Revival Plan


This is a plan that is based on reading through the Testimonies. 


Biblical Research Institute


This is the Biblical research arm of the denomination. On their site you will find many helpful articles on the beliefs and practices of Seventh-day Adventists.


Encyclopedia of Seventh-day Adventists


This a very large resource on all things Adventist. The Encyclopedia will eventually have more than 8,000 articles, with accompanying photographs, media and original documents. This is a free resource which will be constantly update.



The White Estate


This is the official site of the White Estate. It is a source of much written and audio information, and to be visited.


This is a wonderful resource of more than 100,000 pages of her writings here, as well as the writings of other important writers of earlier years in the church. If you click on the little box at the end of each quote, you will find where the same quote is translated in other languages.

Legacy Site


When you sign on the website these days, you will come to a new page that looks very different and works very differently. To be frank with you, I haven't figured out how to use it really yet, but hope to eventually. HOWEVER!!!! on the top you will find some things to click on. One of them over on the right will take you back to the legacy egwwritings site that is so helpful for research. I searched and searched to find a way to access the former site and eventually succeeded. Here is the link to the legacy site:

Pathway to the Pioneers

This is a wonderful dramatized history of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. You can find links to purchase the series of 117 stores, or links for downloading stories for free.

Pathway to the Pioneers


The Desire of Ages Project

This is a wonderful site for audio readings of Ellen White's books. The author is from Australia or New Zealand, and does a wonderful job in reading the books. There are also helpful sound effects. Books read include the The Desire of AgesThe Great ControversyPatriarchs and Prophets, and Ministry of Healing.





This organization owns and operates important historic sites that are significant to the development of the SDA Church. The sites are located in Michigan, Maine, and New York. Should you be traveling in these states and have the time, be sure to visit the sites. The organization's website also provides helpful resources on individual people and events in our history. 



Here is a veritable ocean of information and resources that could provide sufficient reading material to last multiple "lifetimes" of deeply spiritual reading. for example, you can find more than seven thousand issues of the Review and Herald. I am grateful that the church has made these resources available to members and others anywhere in the world. I only share links for magazines, books and Sabbath School Quarterlies, but there are many more.



Here you will find thousands of issues of the various periodicals published by the church from the beginning. For example there are more than 7,000 issues of the Review and Herald on line that you can download to read in pdf format. There are many more magazines than the ones listed. This is but a small sampling, but I think they are the more important ones.

Periodical Index and Obituary Index


It is exceedingly challenging to find articles by specific people in the periodicals because there are so many. However, an index of those articles has been put together which can be found at this link. You will also find an index to Adventist obituaries.

Links To Specific Magazines:

Review and Herald

There are more than 7,000 issues available here.

Signs of the Times

There are more than 3,500 issues available of the Signs here.

Australasian Union Conference Record

There are more than 5,200 issues of the Record here.

Bible Echo & Signs of the Times

There are more than 470 issues of the Bible Echo & Signs here. It was an early publication in England.

Bible Training School

This was the publication of the Haskel's when they were working in New York City. There are many good articles here. You will find more than 200 issues.

General Conference Session Bulletins

Here you will find more than 400 issues of the bulletins published in connection with the General Conference sessions.

Health Reformer

This is a little known source of wonderful practical articles on health  and other practical subjects that were published to reach non-members. It is also a wonderful source of articles on raising children. You will find more than 480 issues.

The Life Boat Magazine

The Life Boat magazine was an early magazine on health. You will find more than 300 issues here. Many forgotten natural remedies are found in these magazines.

Ministry Magazine

You will find more than 1,000 issues of Ministry Magazine here.

Youth's Instructor

Here is a wonderful publication for youth. More than 4,450 issues are available.



Sabbath School Online App

The updated online app is really nice. You get the Sabbath School quarterly in various normal, easy reader, other editions, Bible lookup of verses in several versions, Ellen White helps, etc. Download from Google Play or Apple App Store.

Desktop Link 

Mobile App Link


You can find most of the Sabbath School Quarterlies that were ever published. What a resource for teachers and Sabbath School leaders.

Past Sabbath School Quarterlies


Online Sabbath Schools

If you cannot make it to your own Sabbath School you can find excellent online Sabbath Schools.

Hope Channel

This is the Hope Channel Sabbath School hosted by Derek Morris.

Amazing Facts Study Hour

This is the Sabbath School of Amazing Facts



Adventist Archives


You can find more than 100 books that are available for free as downloads. Some of them are priceless, like Froom's Conditionalist Faith Of Our Fathers, etc.


Adventist Pioneer Library


This is a wonderful resource of books that can be downloaded for free in a variety of formats ( EPUB, MOBI and PDF), listened to, or purchased as printed books. You will find virtually all of the books any of our pioneers ever wrote.

Audio Books Link

Free Books Link



This site has many documents unavailable elsewhere on our pioneers and our history.

Center For Adventist Research

This is the research center based at Andrews University.

Adventist Digital Library

Another source of many documents.

Journal of the Adventist Theological Society

Here you will find many of the issues of the journal read by many of our theologians.


Beyond Patmos

This is a wonderful site of evangelistic videos of various kinds that originates out of Australia.

Rightly Trained

This is one of the best training sites that I am aware of on the internet. This is a wonderful resource. Take advantage of it. It comes from the conservative Gateway Church in Australia that was founded by Johnny Wong. 

Louis Torres Resources

This is a wonderful resource of videos, evangelistic sermons and books—manuals on lay evangelism, dealing with problematic texts, gaining decisions—by a master soul-winner. Pastor Torres and his wife have been soul-winning for 53 years and make that knowledge available through this site on AWR.

Three Angels Broadcasting Network

3ABN Streams 

3ABN is a family of networks that cater various language and cultural groups in addition to the English television station.

Hope Television

There are Hope Channel media ministries in various places of the world. You will find many helpful programs to watch.


This is the video channel of the Review and Herald Magazine.

Breath of Life Ministries

This is the website of the Breath of Life Television Ministry.

Dare To Dream Network

This is one of the 3ABN network streams.

Mission Spotlight

Mission Spotlight is a great source of video on mission service in many parts of the world. Our church often uses a mission spotlight video at the beginning of our Sabbath School Service.

AWR (Adventist World Radio)

ARM is a fantastic resource for radio, video and other programming. You must check them out!

GoTV Missions

Here you will find many wonderful mission videos. 

Anchor Point Films

Documentary Film Producers and Seminar Presenters; producing and presenting creative, life-changing, informative, intelligent and investigative relevant messages for today's modern world. 

Village SDA Church (Michigan)

On this site you will find the much appreciated sermons of Ron Kelly and the many guest speakers that come to the church.


Spanish Video

3ABN Latino

This is the Spanish channel of 3ABN.

Logos TV (Spanish)

This is a television ministry from Valencia, Spain.


Video En Français

Paul Scalliet (French Français)

42 etudes bibliques Les Grands Themes bibliques

Dans ces 42 études bibliques un groupe étudie les principales doctrines bibliqu.es au travers des Écritures. 

Eglise Adventiste du 7ème Jour de St. George

Vous trouverez ici les prédications et les leçons de l'Ecole du Sabbat produites par l'équipe pastorale de l'église adventiste de St Georges, Quebec, Canada.


Vous trouverez ici les predications audio du pasteur Paul Scalliet.



There are various sites that host online sermons. This is only one of them.

Adventist World Radio

Here are audio programs from AWR. You can listen to programs in many different languages.

American Christian Ministries

You will find wonderful sermons of the past here. I personally treasure the sermons of C. D. Brooks. All of the sermons can be downloaded at no cost as Mp3s. You can buy Books, DVDs and CDs too.

Audio Verse

This is probably one of the most active sermon sites of the church at this time.


Seventh-day Adventist Music

On this page you will find links to beautiful Christian music shared by godly Seventh-day Adventist Musicians.



There are many Bible Study sites that are excellent and helpful. Here are a few of them. The first one is the most comprehensive.

Louis Torres Resources

This is a wonderful resource of videos, evangelistic sermons and books by a master soul-winner. Pastor Torres has been working as an Evangelist for 53 years and makes that knowledge available through this site on AWR.

Advent Beliefs

This site compiles different Bible studies for each individual doctrine. For example the doctrine of Christ's second coming has more than 70 SDA Bible studies that can be downloaded as individual pdfs. These are all Bible studies of the past. Links to more modern studies follow.

Adventist World Radio Bible Study

Adventist World Radio has wonderful Bible Studies and wonderful evangelistic series that are available.

Earth's Final Countdown - Duane McKey

This is an evangelistic series by the President of AWR.

Prophecies of Hope - Louis Torres

Louis Torres initiated the much blessed and appreciated Black Hills Bible School in South Dakota. He has been greatly blessed by God in holding meetings all over the world.

Unlocking Bible Prophecy - Cami Oetman

Cami is the host of AWR's video stories that are done so well. She shines in this series too.

Bible Info 


Discover Bible Studies


Come Alive With Jesus Bible Studies


Stay Alive With Jesus Bible Studies


It Is Written Studies


Amazing Facts Studies


Storacles of Prophecy


Shema Israel Bible course


The Shema Israel Bible course is designed for people with Jewish heritage or even Christians who wish to rediscover their Jewish roots. Shaped from a specific Hebrew perspective this course takes into account not only the Hebrew text but also the testimony of ancient Jewish sources.


Bible Study Tools Online

Blue Letter Bible


This is not a Seventh-day Adventist site and therefore will offer commentary that is different than our beliefs, however the free Bible versions and tools for understanding the underlying language of Bible verses and finding additional texts are wonderful and free of cost. I use the tools regularly. 


Prayer Ministries

24/7 United Prayer

Based on the United Prayer model, 24/7 is a twenty-four hour portal to other praying people in the Seventh-day Adventist Church around the world.

Fast Prayer Ministries

FAST is the memory, learning and training ministry of Dan Vis.


Women's Ministries

GC Women's Ministries

This is the website of the women's ministries at the General Conference

Moments With Jesus

This is the website of Marquita Klinedinst.



Pathway to Paradise Ministries

This is the ministry of Tim and Stacy Rumsey.

Secrets Unsealed

This is the website of Pastor Stephen Bohr.

White Horse Media

This is the website of Steven Wholberg. There is a focus on last day events.

Discover Bible Prophecy

DiscoverBible Prophecy.org

This is David Klinedinst's prophecy website.

Pastors' Bible Bootcamp & Evangelism Training



This is a training site for pastors.

Justified Walk Ministries

Free Books and Audio sermons on righteousness by faith. You can also request printed copies of their resources and they will be sent free anywhere in the word. The books have been translated into many languages.



General Conference Youth Ministries

At this link you will find much information about the many programs offered by the General Conference for children, youth and young adults, including Adventurers, Pathfinders, Ambassadors and Young Adults.

Generation. Youth. Christ (GYC)

GYC is a youth-initiated and led movement of Seventh-day Adventists from diverse backgrounds, united in a common commitment to serious Bible study, intense prayer, uncompromising lifestyle, and boldness in sharing Christ with others. The annual conference is very popular, well attended conference attracting thousands of young adults from all parts of the world. Additional annual GYC conferences take place in other parts of the world as well..



The Junior Guide

The Junior Guide

You will find 440 issues of The Junior Guide Magazine at this Internet Archive link. The available issues begin in 1953, the first year of publication, and go through 1973. This is a wonderful resource of good reading for your teens. You can download these issues in a variety of formats.

Sample Junior Guide Issue: October 26, 1956

The Youth's Instructor

Youth's Instructor

Here you will find more than 4,400 issues of the Youth's Instructor starting with the first issues.



In addition to the General Conference Youth Ministries Department, many parents appreciate the following organizations and resources.

Kids Bible Info

There is lots of helpful information shared on this site that mirrors the adult "Bible Info" site.

My Place With Jesus

My Place With Jesus

This interactive site was developed by the It Is Written ministry.

Young Disciple


This is a wonderful resource and is used by many parents. Right now you can download their magazine for free! Young Disciple also has a wonderful summer camp where your children will have fun learning about, and serving, Jesus. Activities include canvassing taught by Eugene Prewitt.

My Bible First


My Bible First produces wonderful resources to help parents and churches capture the interest of children and youth, help these young people give their hearts to Jesus, and help them learn to love and know the Bible. Age-appropriate curriculum is available for every age group starting with children under 3. Helpful teacher resources have also been developed at a relatively low cost. 

Starting With Jesus: The SeedPod Podcast


Starting With Jesus produces delightful podcasts for children, called SeedPod for Beginners (Children 0-5) and SeedPod for Kids (Children 4 and up), as well as a podcast for juniors. Find links below. Two podcasts are presented each week, and include stories, songs, prayer and much more. They can be found at startingwithjesus.com, as well as Spotify, Heart Radio Alexa Media Player, Podbean,  iTunes and other media venues. 

The SeedPod podcast uses the materials of My Bible First with their permission. Accordingly, many children listen to the podcast and study the lesson as part of their daily devotionals. You can also get a memory verse resource. 

You will also find printed materials to download that follow the My Bible First lessons. You MUST visit this site!

Seedpod For Beginners and SeedPod for Kids 

This link is for the two podcast for younger children.

Juniors for Jesus

This is the link for the juniors podcast.

Your Story Hour


Your Story Hour has been around since the 1940s and is loved by people of all ages throughout the world. Stories have been produced in English, Spanish and Russian. These stories are broadcast on hundreds of radio stations throughout the world. There are also Bible Lessons that many children have completed. Parents are able to buy the stories on CDs or download them from the internet. Free stories are posted on a regular basis. 

White Estate Books For Children and Youth


The White Estate has several books for children and youth on Ellen White that can be downloaded in various formats. These include Angel Over My Tent (Delafield/Wheeler), His Messenger (Wheeler), Over My Shoulder (Robinson), Stories of My Grandmother(Robinson), There Shines A Light (Spaulding), etc.

Our Little Friend

Many of us grew up with Our Little Friend, receiving them in Sabbath School week to week. Later we received the Primary Treasure, which came for older children. Some issues are available, I hope they will digitize all of them. They are a wonderful resource for families to use with their children.


Voice Of Prophecy Kids Zone

Here you will find a series of Bible Studies for children produced by the Voice of Prophecy.




The next two groups are associations that ministries can join. Participation brings credibility, possible funding, conventions, great networking opportunities and ongoing support.

Adventist-laymen’s Services & Industries (ASI)

ASI describes itself as the Seventh-day Adventist organization of supporting ministries, businesses and professionals who are responding to the call of God to actively share Christ’s love and hope with the world. ASI has a well attended annual convention that attracts business and ministry attendees from throughout the world.

Outpost Centers International (OCI)

Outpost Centers International networks and nurtures more than 130 Adventist supporting ministries around the world. These ministries represent a significant portion of the organized gospel outreach conducted by the laity of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.



AWR360 (Adventist World Radio)

Adventist World Radio has a very significant health ministry that you should be aware of. During the Covid pandemic, for example, they did a series of programs that were highly educational. I can't find it any more, but it was wonderful. I hope they will do more of them.

Eden Valley Institute

Eden Valley Institute, in Loveland, CO, has been ministering in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains since 1962.

Northern Lights Health Education

This is the ministry of John Clark. He has excellent understanding of health and is very responsive to email questions.

Uchee Pines Lifestyle Center

Uchee Pines is the highly regarded ministry founded by Agatha Thrash and her husband. Until recently Mark Sandoval was the medical director. You will find information on how to respond to many health conditions at their website.

Counseling Sheets

This link will take you to the many counseling sheets that are so helpful on treating various conditions naturally.

Covid Protocol

Their Covid Protocol for responding to Covid in natural ways is exceedingly helpful and reflects current thinking on responding to Covid to avoid hospitalization.

Weimar University (Formerly Weimar Institute)

Weimar offers academic and natural health services, the latter being the acclaimed NEWSTART Program. NEWSTART is a physician monitored, scientifically researched lifestyle change program based on eight fundamental principles proven to help you achieve optimum health: Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Temperance, Air, Rest and Trust.

NEWSTART Lifestyle Link

Wildwood Lifestyle Center

For over 75 years, Wildwood Lifestyle Center has helped people not only stop disease progression, but naturally reverse it.


MedMissionary is the collaborative effort of Joyce Choe MD, Mercy Ballard, Dave Fiedler and Kalon and Danna Gesellchen, and provides training and information on overcoming lifestyle and other medical conditions. Their recent information on the early treatment of Covid is most helpful. MedMercy has a loyal following.

Anti-Viral Protocol

Other Helpful Anti-Viral Information


Plant-Based Recipe Sources

Chef Mark Anthony

Mark Anthony YouTube Channel

One Degree Organic Foods

One Degree Organic Foods sells various ingredients and baked products. On their website are many excellent recipes.

NewStart Health-Bites

This site has many excellent plant-based recipes.



Adventist Missions (General Conference)

This the General Conference organization that provides videos and other information on missions, mission training, mission service opportunities, etc.

Mission Spotlight Videos

Adventist Development Relief Agency  (ADRA)

Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) International is the global humanitarian arm of the Seventh-day Adventist church present in 107 countries.

Adventist Frontier Missions

AFM's sole purpose is to hasten the coming of Jesus by giving unreached people the opportunity to know Him and become His disciples. They are the only Seventh-day Adventist ministry focused solely on the unreached.

Advocates For Southeast Asians And The Persecuted (ASAP)

Based in Berrien Springs, Michigan, ASAP does a wonderful work in Southeast Asia and other parts of the world. You can learn much about doing mission service in visiting their website.

Gospel Outreach

Gospel Outreach is a nonprofit organization dedicated to extending the international ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the 10/40 Window.

Maranatha Volunteers International

Maranatha builds schools and churches throughout the world with the help of volunteers. Consider joining them on one of their trips.

Philippine Adventist Medical Aviation Services (PAMAS)

PAMAS was established in 2007 byDwayne Harris, a helicopter and fixed-wing pilot/mechanic, who was inspired to start a much needed aviation ministry in the Philippines. PAMAS currently has 5 pilots and operates several helicopters and four airplanes. These include a Cessna 172, 182, and 206, and a Piper Twin Comanche. More than 700 flight hours are logged by volunteer pilots each year, with 80% of the flights being medical evacuation cases. PAMAS is the only air medical evacuation service of its kind in the Philippines that is available to everyone regardless of their financial resources. It operates by faith, through donations, and is solely staffed by volunteers. Here is a link for the website and links for videos on the ministry of Daniel Lui, whose helicopter went down on a medical evacuation mission with four other individuals.

VIDA Internacional

VIDA Internacional is a Honduras-based bilingual elementary school, the IBC mission school, lifestyle center. It attracts students from various parts of the world.



Adventist Agricultural Association

Members are gardening enthusiasts that in some cases have become very successful enterprises. They have a yearly convention that is also very helpful.

AdAgra Convention Presenters

You will find a long list of SDA members who know a lot about agriculture.

Farm Stew

Farm Stew helps needy people help themselves by training them to grow their own food.


Educational Organizations

Education Department of the General Conference

This is the main site for all things educational in the Adventist Church.

Adventist Colleges In North America 

Find Elementary Schools and Academies in North America


Self Supporting Schools

There are excellent self-supporting schools as well. (To be added soon)



There are many other websites. For example, every division has a website, as do many churches throughout the world. You can find links to many of these at the main General Conference website. Please suggest links to us.