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Mostly Plant-Based (Vegan) Recipes


Introductory Thoughts

Adopting A Plant-Based Diet

I was raised as a lacto-ovo vegetarian. Many members of our church are lacto-ovo vegetarians. A lacto-ovo diet does not use meat products, though it includes recipes that use dairy products and eggs. Much later in life I migrated over to a mostly plant-based diet—honey is used—that avoids dairy and eggs as much as possible. It wasn't easy to migrate to the new diet since our family had Swiss origins and therefore was accustomed to eating products made with dairy products and eggs. But God was kind and allowed me to eat a meal with a family that only ate plant-based foods and I found it was delicious. That meal took place more than ten years ago now. It took time to find substitute recipes, but over time many of the things I enjoyed back then are enjoyed again, but with plant-based ingredients. Rose has found and developed recipes that are wonderful, and in some cases are as good, if not better, than the "real" thing! I hope you find this section helpful.

Plant-Based or Vegan?

Some people would refer to these recipes as "vegan," others would disagree because some of the recipes call for honey which is produced by bees and therefore not completely plant-based. As a result, we refer to them as "mainly plant-based," because of our frequent and happy use of honey. Call it what you might, the recipes are healthy, featuring healthy ingredients, limited sugar and shunning other problematic ingredients.—Dan


Breakfast Recipes

Bircher Muesli

Rose and I eat this almost every Sabbath morning that we are home. It is easy to make and made Friday afternoon, making it an ideal Sabbath morning breakfast.



These waffles are wonderful. You would never know they are completely plant-based and use no leavening. After you get used to these you won't want to eat any more of the commercial recipes available!



This granola is delicious and easy to make. We go through a lot of it and try to take it with us on trips if we are traveling by car.


Main Meals

Vegan Stuffed Shells

This is a delicious substitute for a cheese-based stuffed shells. Dan thinks it is as good as the real thing!


Rose's Creamy Beans

Beans and rice are a main staple in our plant-based lifestyle. Making delicious tasting beans is exceedingly simple, but there are a few tricks that help make wonderful. In this recipes you learn some important secrets.


Rose's Slow-Cooked Lentils

These lentils have been called by several people "the best" lentils they have ever eaten. The secret is slow cooking overnight on low. This is one of the easiest recipes that you can imagine.



Tasty Low Fat Vegan Mayonnaise

This recipe passes the taste, ingredient and healthy test as far as I am concerned. After I gave up Miracle Whip and Mayonnaise, I tried vegan alternatives but was underwhelmed by the taste and the fat content, to say nothing of the vinegar that is often among the ingredients. I am so grateful Rose was able to put together this recipe that tastes great in my opinion, spreads right, and only uses 1 Tbs of oil for the recipe. You can load it on without worry! It is also easy to make.


Garlic Lemon Sauce

We often use this Garlic Lemon sauce on beans and rice. It adds a delicious tartness that is very pleasing to the tastebuds.


Salad Dressings

Dan's French Salad Dressing

I come from a family of French and French-Swiss origin. This is my version of a salad dressing that is often served on the tables of family members in Europe. I think you will like it.


Cheese Substitutes

Almond Cream Cheese

This is a delicious and easy to make plant-based Almond Cream Cheese to use with a variety of dishes, including the Vegan Stuffed Shells on this page.


Dessert Recipes

Banana Food Processor Ice Cream

This fake ice cream has a wonderful taste, is guilt-free, and has the same consistency as soft ice cream. There is a chance your friends won't even know it is not ice cream. Many individuals who hear of this recipe think you can get the same result with a Champion Juice Maker or blender, but think again. Only a food processor can get the consistency right. Learn and then try to make some for yourself.


Peanut Butter Smoothies

Here is another family favorite: Peanut Butter Smoothies. Easy to make, we use frozen bananas, one or two TBS of Peanut Butter and Soy Milk. We love it and think you will too!