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Controlling Type 1 Diabetes With The Corrective Diet

I received the following testimonial from a very trustworthy friend who shared how the Corrective Diet of Dr. Carstens brought her husband's type 1 Diabetes under control. By sharing this I am not saying this has been carefully researched and tested, only that it worked for this couple. After you have read the testimonial, then listen to Dr. Carsten's presentation.


The Matta's Testimonial

Implemented soon after we got married last year, the nutrient-dense low-fat, whole-food, plant-based, way of eating took Frank Mata from an A1c of 9.8% (dangerously high blood sugar) to 5.8% (almost the same blood sugar as a non-diabetic), and from a BMI of 30.5 (obese) to 23.6 (healthy) within just a few months of adopting corrective eating. This all took place with no diabetes medications and is proof positive that when you eat correctly, food is your medicine.

Under this diet, Frankie's meals consist of raw vegetables (75% of meal) and a cooked dish (25% of meal). For his raw vegetables, he always has a large plate of nutrient-rich leafy greens, celery, sprouts (mung bean, clover, alfalfa, or broccoli), and plenty of other veggies. For his cooked dish, he often has a side of complex carbohydrate-rich brown rice, gluten free pasta, whole grain spaghetti, or baked red potato, all served with Ghanaian tomato-based stew which includes beans and spinach. He has a smoothie for breakfast that is made up of various fruits, nuts, powders, and other ingredients which help reduce his insulin resistance. He drinks water, water with squeezed lemon, and plant-based milk (almond, oat, or coconut).

After nearly one year of following this lifestyle, Frankie has enjoyed continuously healthy A1c blood sugar levels, improved insulin sensitivity, kept excess weight off, increased his energy, and built muscle mass. In comparison with what he experienced while suffering from uncontrolled type one/autoimmune diabetes for 22 years to no avail, eating nutritiously has given him a brand new lease on life. 

To learn more about how our marriage has been a lifeline for mastering diabetes and healthful living, please like or follow our page Healthy Matrimony with the Matas. This week, we will share how Frankie used a 21 day fruit and vegetable juicing/detoxification fast last summer to begin his transition into healthy eating.


Dr. Carsten Sharing The Corrective Diet


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