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Audio Recordings Of Ellen White Articles And Sermons On Raising Children


Ellen G. White wrote and spoke a great deal on raising children and teens. Most people know of these writings through their reading The Adventist Home and Child Guidance compilations. Some of the quotations, however, represent only a tiny portion of an entire article in which the same idea is introduced multiple times. Accordingly one gets a sense of urgency and importance in the articles and manuscripts that greatly exceeds what is found in the compilations. These recordings are based on the talks, articles, letters that are behind the compilations. Some of them come from the talks given in the later years of her lateMany of the most important documents came in the later years of her ministry when God sent her out with messages for parents.

The Documents On Raising Children

Ellen White: Passion Never Cures (Gentle Discipline)

"I have been charged to speak these words to parents, and recently the charge has been repeated that mothers neglect to bring their children up to love and to fear and to glorify God because of the hasty disposition of the father or the mother. It will not pay. It will not bring reformation. ... Do not quarrel with the children. Do not do it. Do not do it."{Ms68-1911}

Listen To Passion Never Cures MP3 (8 MB File)

Listen To Passion Never Cures MP3 (2.5 MB File)


Ellen White: Patience And Forbearance In The Home

This wonderful article on raising children in gentle and kind ways is read by RoseMarie. It comes from a Signs of the Times article of 1911.

Patience And Forbearance In The Home MP3


Ellen White: Courtesy At Home

This wonderful reading, from The Health Reformer, February 1, 1874, shares tips on raising children to be cheerful and helpful in the home. 

Courtesy At Home MP3


Ellen White: Home Duties Of The Father

This reading on the role of the father in the home comes from the Signs of the Times, December 20, 1877, and includes some unique paragraphs on the use of music and art in the conversion of children. 

Home Duties of the Father MP3 (3 MB File)


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