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Some Prayer Questions Answered

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On this page I try to respond to common questions concerning prayer. A short answer is provided on this page. If you click on the underlined link you will come to a more complete and resourced answer.—Dan

Are Fancy Words Necessary When I Pray?

No! God wants us to talk with him in simple and easily understood terms.


Must We Ask For God's Help?

Yes! The Bible is clear, we must ask to obtain God's help.


What Is United Prayer? (Matt. 18:19)

United Prayer, is praying in a focused way for the same objective, with others with whom you are in good relationship. It can also refer to praying short prayers on the same theme with others, and then praying on other themes, as prompted by a facilitator.


What Is The Science of Prayer?

The phrase "Science of" is used with many things in the writings of Ellen White, including holiness, Satan, heaven, salvation, etc. When she speaks of prayer, she is referring to a method of praying, as well as to a prayer in the context of John 17.


What Is The Prayer Of Faith?

The prayer of faith according to a missionary in China is “A definite request… made in definite faith, for a definite answer.” I believe this is true and demonstrate it from the Bible and SOP.