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Answers To Your Questions On Prayer

John 15:7 (KJV) 7 "If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you."

Mark 11:24 (KJV) 24 "Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them."



Many people pray fervently and expectantly, but are often disappointed because God either doesn't answer their prayers immediately, or not at all. As a result there are many questions on this subject. I believe the Bible gives answers to all of the questions. Accordingly, on this page I try to respond to common questions concerning prayer. A short answer is provided on this page. If you click on the underlined link you will come to a more complete and resourced answer. If you still have questions, you can write me.—Dan


Your Questions And Some Answers

Are Fancy Words Necessary When We Pray?

No! God wants us to talk with him in simple and easily understood terms.

Must We Ask For God's Help?

Yes! The Bible is clear, we must ask to obtain God's help.

What Is United Prayer? (Matt. 18:19)

United Prayer, is praying in a focused way for the same objective, with others with whom you are in good relationship. It can also refer to praying short prayers on the same theme with others, and then praying on other themes, as prompted by a facilitator.

Is There Another Form Of United Prayer?

Yes. Not only does "United Prayer" refer to a group of people coming together to pray, but it is also a name given to a method of praying, where participants pray short prayers on a progressive series of themes—often adoration, confession, supplication and thanksgiving—as directed by a designated facilitator.

What Is The Science of Prayer?

The phrase "Science of" is used with many things in the writings of Ellen White, including holiness, Satan, heaven, salvation, etc. When she speaks of prayer, she is referring to a method of praying, as well as to a prayer in the context of John 17.

What Is The Prayer Of Faith?

The prayer of faith according to a missionary in China is “A definite request… made in definite faith, for a definite answer.” I believe this is true and demonstrate it from the Bible and SOP.

Is Prayer A Gift Of The Spirit?

I was asked this question after I spoke at a prayer event. Responding, we know that the Spirit helps us to pray, so it is a gift. But the fact that it is a gift doesn't mean that some people are exempt from praying. Some people seem to have a greater ability to pray, but it may not be a specific gift; it may be the result of much time spent in God's presence and having many prayer experiences to learn from. 

Is It Necessary To Exercise Faith When We Pray?

Yes. A lack of faith will greatly hinder our obtaining answers to prayer!

What Is The Significance Of Christ Interceding For Us In Heaven?

It is everything! Read what the Bible says and some selected quotes on that subject.

What Does It Mean To Intercede?

It is all about praying to God on behalf of others, and having Christ mingle His prayers with you on their behalf.

What Does It Mean To Persist In Prayer?

It means to keep asking until we obtain the desired result if we know our prayer is according to God's will. God may impress us that we have been praying inappropriately and therefore we will modify what we are persistently praying for.

Should We Pray Fervently—Earnestly?

Praying fervently—praying with passion, vehemence and intensity—for something, is a required element when praying. Learn more about fervency and earnestness by clicking on this link.

Why Are There Unanswered Prayers?

In my studies I have come across at least nineteen reasons for prayers not being answered. There may be more. If your prayers are not being answered this list may help you turn things around.

Is It True The Holy Spirit Intercedes On Our Behalf?

Apparently, but read the answer to understand what it means to have something "indited."

Is It Okay To Pray To Christ?

Yes! Jesus invited the children to come unto him and their simple requests were in effect what we would call prayer in our day. Ellen White also strong encourages children to pray to Jesus. Adults too for that matter.

Why Does God Not Answer When I Pray For Wisdom

The lack of answer is due to our asking for something that God knows is not for our good and contrary to His glory. Sometimes it is also due to our lack of faith—a factor that is not always remembered.