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Using The Right Words


Just as one would use a different set of words to talk about car parts at a service garage in England (boot for trunk; accumulator for battery; bonnet for hood, wind screen for windshield), you have to use a different—and much larger—vocabulary to effectively search the writings of Ellen White. Her vocabulary was rich and includes words used in her day, some of which are no longer used in our day (repine for murmur for example). Discovering the words she used is a major challenge when it comes to studying her writings. On another page I share secrets on how to enter those words into search tools to find quotes associated with those words.—Dan


Discovering Ellen White's Lexicon

I am unaware of any Lexicon of her writings. I personally have an ever-growing list of words that I add to on a regular basis that covers many topics that are of interest to me. I call it my "key word" document. The words lists come from accidental and providential—more likely the latter in many cases—discoveries. Such a list allows for effective searching very quickly. When such a list is lacking, I seek to find a few key quotes and look for all the phrases and descriptors she uses in discussing the topic in question. I once gave my seminary students an assignment where they had to develop such a list, and I believe they all succeeded in finding key words. I think you will too. 

On this web site I will occasionally share such words lists to help visitors do their own research. Even though such lists may be available, I hope you will seek to develop your own lists since there are many additional words to be discovered.

For the sake of learning, I share two samples. The lists are not alphabatised and may include duplicates. 

Happy searching


Sample Key Words

Sample Words On Prayer


Plead, plea, earnestness that cannot be denied, Ask, seek his counsel, plead promises, praying, on your knees, constant, constantly, burden of supplication, wrestling in earnest prayer, fill their mouths with arguments, seek him earnestly, entreat, supplicate, prostrate, implore, beg, wrestle, watch unto prayer, cling to Jesus, we must watch, we must pray, pray more, praying more, petition, petitions, 

Public Prayers

Praying out loud, pray with clear, distinct voice, Lord’s prayer in concert, concert, public prayer, prayed vocally, public prayers, prayer together, pray together, united prayer, cross of praying in a public meeting, vocal prayer, were not kept up by secret and vocal prayer, voice shall be audible, prayers offered, 

Prayer Meetings

Prayer meeting, social meeting, prayer meetings, season of prayer, united prayer, united prayers, small groups, special seasons of prayer, convocations for prayer 


Sample Words On Satan

possessed by , controlled by, ruled by, satanic majesty, demon of, habit of, artful foe, power of the enemy, greater is he, game of life for each soul, game of life, may perish with him, he is tempting men, have in his ranks all, Satan ought not to be permitted to gather in all the talents of influence., Satan will teach, wily alluring, wily foe, practiced under Satan, the general of armies, Satan, the originator of sin, expelled, Satan’s lie, demon is dispossessed, much possessed by a demon, “whenever the wicked one will play upon her, which is coming to be a common occurrence, she throws herself wholly into the hands of Satan, soul, body, and spirit, and his power through her is deadening the fine sensibilities of right and integrity in her husband, Satan found them an easy prey,” confederacy of satanic agencies, satanic agencies, habitations for the degrading indwelling of demons, habitation of dragons., prince of the power of the air ,  Shout Satan, Power over the soul, Satanic agencies, host of fallen angels, fallen angels, legion, Satan exults, Satan’s agents, Satan’s forces, chained, evil habits, slavery, gross habits, masterly power, under the jurisdiction of Satan, controlled by a demon, insinuations, holds them by his power, demon power, demon power is struggling for the control of every soul, mastery, break the power of Satan, set the captives free, Satan is an artful, deadly foe, renounce the devil and all his works, listen to … enemy, unseen and invisible foes, enslaving, arch foe, the enemy, inflamed, Relentless foe, Spirit of Satan, taking the world captive, power of satan, honored guest, Satan’s ground, dally, banner of the prince of darkness, prince of darkness, blood-stained banner of Prince Emmanuel, resist the enemy of souls, warfare, rebuke the devil, Satan is on our track, sorcery and witchcraft, the work of magicians, fallacies of satan, Those who trust in the Lord will be surrounded with a wall of light and holiness. , Satanic force, pressed back the powers of darkness, controlled by demons, souls possessed of evil spirits, save them from ruin, [powers of darkness], get victory over the powers of darkness, drive back the powers of the evil one, united with these evil powers, influence of evil angels,