Ministry Updates

Ongoing Discipleheart Updates


We had a blessed weekend in Pullman, MI, sharing for the first time a series entitled "Starting Strong," based on Lazarus and his two sisters. Prepared with new members and believers in mind, we spent our time thinking of some of the practical aspects of the Christian Walk. I believe we were all blessed. I believe all the members were blessed that attended since most of us need to spend time thinking on how to make our belief in Christ a successful, ennobling reality.


I have been developing handouts for the Starting Strong series for new members. Topics include Choosing the Better Part; Choosing to Believe; Choosing Freedom; and Choosing to Love. All of these sessions will follow the story of Lazarus and his sisters.


I added two pages to the Some Prayer Questions Answered section regarding the need to persist in prayer and what it means to intercede.


We are scheduled for weekend meetings at the Pullman SDA Church, in Pullman, Michigan April 27 and 28. Entitled, "Starting Strong," the four sessions is for new believers who are developing their spiritual "legs." Please pray for us.


I am adding pages to the foreign language section. So far there are pages with resources in French and Spanish. I have also cleaned up the section for the Holy Spirit. You will find an exhaustive Bible Study on the Holy Spirit there.


Preparing for some weekend meetings for new believers, helping them to have a strong start in their walk with and for Jesus. Among the titles are "Being About My Father's Business," and "Saving Faith, Keeping Power and Overcoming Self." It seems many come to Christ, join a church, and start walking with God with great earnestness. But sometimes they don't have much practical information on what that means. I hope to address that some in these meetings. The first half of each session will be on the subject, the second portion will be discussion and prayer in small groups. Pray for us.—


A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words


We are beginning to add images to some of the sections of our site. Finding appropriate images—images of godly people who are modest, don't wear jewelry, etc—is challenging if not almost impossible to find. Fortunately, photographers have been kind in allowing us to use some of their images and the result is a blessing. I would suggest, in fact, the images are a GREAT blessing, instructional, and inspiring for they reflect a reality that isn't always remembered. Sometimes there seems to be a lot of negative talk regarding the church, but the images convey a different story: united, multi-cultural and multi-generational, Spirit-filled men and women who are seeking after God together, who are joyfully sharing testimonies of how God is blessing and performing real miracles, and encouraging their fellow members to advance the Kingdom where they live. The church has millions of people who are trying to make a difference in their corner of the globe and the images speak to that. Unfortunately some Adventist members have never attended a Camp Meeting, Generation of Youth Conference or General Conference Session, and have therefore missed the wonderful blessings that come when God's people come together. God is alive and busily working through His people, and please don't believe otherwise. In fact, instead of joining in the negative talk, be part of the solution and speak of the good things God is doing.—Dan


I have added to the section on United Prayer As A Method Of Prayer, and have made it a separate section. If you have never tried the United Prayer method,  you should! You will be greatly blessed. However, there is misunderstanding about United Prayer, so I have tried to explain what it is all about and provide resources to help in experiencing the blessings that come in United Prayer. Be advised that there is another form of United Prayer that has more to do with agreeing on the same subject and coming together to pray about that one thing. You can read about that form of United Prayer at the What Is United Prayer section. Both of these links appear in the Some Prayer Questions Answered section of discipleheart.—Dan


You will find some Bible verses and quotations on the work of Christ on our behalf in the heavenly sanctuary at this location. This is part of a page where I try to share answers to common questions on prayer. You will find a wealth of information on this Some Prayer Questions Answered page.—Dan


Today I worked on the raising spiritual teens and young adults section. There isn't too much there yet, but what is there is very helpful for parents. Here is the link for the teen and young adult section.—Dan


The last few days I have been fixing up the witnessing section of the website. Previously there were few resources and it was not organized very well. Now there are specific sections on witnessing written resources, quotations on witnessing, witnessing questions answered, etc. I have also begun to add illustrative images. There are some very powerful sermons and quotations there, which I believe you will find to be a great blessing. Here is the link for witnessing.—Dan

3/19/2018 Update On Weekend

I learned much in preparing the talk on Uzziah. Further insights came later. I am grateful. Rose and I are reading about the Jewish Kings and I hope to have an entire series on their lives. I didn't record at Hartford, but will try to do so the next time I speak on him.

3/15/2018 Speaking Appointment: Hartford SDA Church

I will be speaking on Uzziah this coming weekend at the Hartford SDA Church in Hartford, Michigan. Uzziah began to reign at the age of 16, and obeyed God and was blessed by God, for the next 52 years—his reign ended when he was 68. But something happened at that time that ruined him, and brought shame and isolation for the rest of his life. What an amazing run of good fortune and blessing, only to have it turn bad in his later years. The same problem still exists. I will be speaking on his story at the Hartford SDA Church this Sabbath. Church starts around 11 AM.

3/15/2018 Love,  The Need Of The Church

The last few days we have been responding to emails and preparing new resources. A sermon entitled, Love, the Need Of The Church has been especially instructive. Read it when you can.

3/10/2018 Promise Of The Spirit

The last few days I have been adding and updating the website. I have especially worked on the By Beholding We Become Changed (Practical Christianity) and the Holy Spirit. In the latter I uploaded a ten part series of sermons by W. W. Prescott on the The Promise of the Spirit. The series is wonderful and you will want to read through the sermons. I am also working on improving the navigation of the site.—Dan

Michigan, Alberta, Honduras, Indiana

January to March, 2018

Rose and I have just returned from several months of meetings in other places. Our journeys began in the Frost and Ithica SDA churches, where we spoke on prayer. After a few days at home, we headed north to Calgary, Canada and four weeks of meetings in Alberta. We spoke on "living In Times of Judgment" at the Central SDA Church in Calgary, Olds and Ponoka, and prayer in Airdrie. I also spoke on "Blessed are the pure in heart" at Chinoook Winds Academy. It was wonderful to share what the Lord has been teaching us in that part of the world, and to introduce Rose to many friends since many of them had never met her in person. We flew home from Canada on Monday, arriving home around 8 PM. The next morning we were awakened by Delta saying it was time to check in for our flight to Honduras. So, Wednesday morning we left for the airport at 2:30 AM or so, to catch our flight from Midway to Tegucigalpa. Accompanying us was the 13 year old son of some friends. At the IBC ministry—Campos Blancos bilingual elementary school, VIDA Bible School and a health ministry, we taught for 16 hours on relationships—marriage, seeking a marriage partner, daily life and raising children—the first week, and I taught on church history for 16 hours the second week. In addition to that, I spoke for nine morning devotionals on righteousness by faith, using the newest booklet on the subject: "The More Abundant Victorious Life" and the corresponding Spanish translation. I also had a week of prayer for the children in the school, and spoke for two Friday evening vespers. We headed home Thursday morning. Unfortunately, due to customs delays, we missed our flight from Atlanta to Chicago, so we stayed over night and flew home Friday morning, arriving home at 3 PM. About 3 hours later we headed south to Cicero Indiana to speak on prayer at the church affiliated with Indiana Academy. Now we are home for a while and glad to be here. We appreciate the many prayers that have gone up in our support during this time. You can find audio and other resources from "Living in Times of Judgment," and some of the audio from Honduras.—Dan