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At the present time Rose and I spend most of our time studying, working on the websites and preparing ministry resources. I was also recently video taped for 25 sessions on prayer. So we haven't traveled as much lately, and believe that God has directed in that way. However, we understand far more than we used to, have more to share, and have outside speaking appointments from time to time. We are not shunning them, that just isn't the way that God has led. Frankly we can touch the whole world through the websites in a way that our travels never could. On this page you will see some of the places we have spoken recently as well as up-coming appointments.

When we accept an appointment, we come prepared to share on the desired topic, often have handouts, hope to be able to visit members or seminar attendees as they desire, and pray that God will use our ministry in a great great way.

We solicit your prayers and support for upcoming trips. Only the work accomplished with much prayer will succeed. So we solicit and appreciate your ministry partnership!—Dan


Next Appointment

Campus Retreat in Wisconsin

Topic: The More Abundant Victorious Life

February 8-10

Camp Wakonda, Oxford, WI.

Contact: Robert Mosher, 608-218-3307


Upcoming Appointments

Check back. Possible appointments in Australia in March.


Past Appointments

These are listed in chronological order. 

Most recent past appointments


Calgary Central SDA Church, Calgary, AB Canada

January 18-20, 2018

Living In Times of Judgment

Airdree SDA Church, Calgary, AB Canada

January 26,27 2018

Prevail In Prayer

Olds SDA Church, Olds AB, Canada

February 2,3, 2018

Ponoka SDA Church, Ponoka AB, Canada

February 5,7,9,2018

VIDA, El Suyatel, Honduras

February 14-March 1, 2018

Cicero SDA Church, Cicero, IN, USA

March 3, 2018

Praying Through

Covert SDA, Covert, MI USA

Beholding Christ

Hartford SDA, Hartford, MI USA

Uzziah: 52 Years Then ?

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Upcoming Appointments