Voice Training

Job 33:3 "My words shall be of the uprightness of my heart: and my lips shall utter knowledge clearly."


Effective communication is a key factor for success in life. Effective communication is also key in sharing one's faith with others and in making a positive impression. Ellen White said that voice training—she used the phrase "voice culture"—should be part of every student's education, and that failure to learn how to communicate effectively was grounds to keep an individual out of the ministry.  Today we do not hear much about the need for voice training but we should be! According I share an initial article on the subject that has never been published. You will find it sobering and convicting to read. I certain did.—Dan

Written Resources On Voice Training

Need and Importance of Voice Culture - Ellen White

This instructive two-part article that was typed in 1901 but never published. In this article, Ellen White strongly asserts the need to communicate in ways that honor God and edifies listeners. Specific instruction is given for preaching sermons and for praying. You will not waste your time reading this brief article. Here is one quote:

"The Lord calls upon all who are connected with his service to give proper attention to the cultivation of the voice, that they may utter in an acceptable manner the great and solemn truths he has entrusted to them. He calls upon them not to attempt to hold forth the word of life to others unless they can do this in a way that will honor him. Let them not mar the truth by defective utterance. Let not those who have neglected to cultivate the talent of speech suppose that they are qualified to minister; for they have yet to obtain the power to communicate. Let those who have not in the past felt it their duty to try to improve the voice, begin this work now, before any more time passes away." (Read the rest of her article on training the voice.)