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Bread Prayer: Prayerful Life Seminar



Here you will find the results of three meetings where we considered prayer in the context of baking bread. I had never looked at the subject so I was curious what I would find. I was greatly blessed. I think you will be too.

Session 1: Come Aside ... And Rest Awhile

YouTube Link For Dan Augsburger's First Presentation On Prayer

Handout For Dan Augsburger's First Presentation: Come Aside ... Rest Awhile

Come Aside ... Rest Awhile 8x11

Come Aside ... Rest Awhile A5

In this session we considered the Feeding of the 5,000. Our major conclusion was that ALL bread is a miracle gift from God! We also noted that we should recognize the efforts of those making the bread since making healthy food is considered one of the most important tasks of daily life.




Bread Demonstration: Rose's Basic Wheat

The bread demonstration was for Rose's Basic Wheat recipe. Because Rose was unable to be there, Patricia LaVanture did the demo and did a marvelous job.


YouTube Link For Demonstration At Village SDA by Patricia LaVanture

Recipe For Basic Wheat Bread


Session 2: Some Ingredients of Prayer

In this session I talked about my love of bread and how I eat it every day, and my willingness to learn about making it and investing in equipment to make it. Then I talked about similarities to bread. God blessed.

YouTube Link Of Dan Augsburger's Second Prayer/Bread Presentation

This also includes Rose's presentation at the end.

First & Second Handouts For Dan's Second Presentation: 

You can download the handouts from the following links.

Some Ingredients Of Prayer 8x11 pdf

Kinds Of Bread In the Bible 8x11 pdf

Bread Demonstration: Dan's Almost Flour-Free Sprouted Wheat Bread



The bread demonstration was for Almost Flour-Free Sprouted Bread. This recipe came about because I forget to write down any flour for a recipe I had. After fussing around for quite a while I got it to work. Rose and I now prefer this bread over any other. She also did the demo. This is easy bread to make, super healthy and is delicious. There were many happy smiles when attendees were enjoying the samples. 

YouTube Link Second Session (Prayer & Bread)

Dan's Almost Flour-Free Sprouted Wheat Bread


Session Three: Christ The Bread And The Grain In The Furrow

Watch Dan Augsburger's "Christ The Bread And The Grain In The Furrow" Presentation

Christ The Bread Of Life and The Grain In The Furrow Handout

Here is the "line-numbered" handout with the Bible verses and quotations shared in my presentation.

Bonnie's Sprouted Wheat Bread

This bread had a delicious flavor, had a nice crust and a good texture. It is kneaded and baked in a bread-making machine. I have owned those machines before but never succeeded nearly as well as this recipe.


Bonnie Simon Demonstrating Sprouted Wheat Bread
Bonnie Simon Demonstrating Sprouted Wheat Bread

Watch Bonnie Demonstrate Making Sprouted Wheat Bread

Her presentation comes at the end of the presentation on Christ the Bread of Life and the Grain in the Furrow. Hopefully the link will start at that point, otherwise push it ahead to 41.55. 

Download Bonnie's Recipe

Download Bonnie's as an 8x11 pdf.


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