Prayer For Youth and Young Adults




Young people—youth and young adults—should be going to God in prayer. Here will be several articles attesting to that fact. The articles bring assurance of God's interest in the prayers of young people, as well as instruction on how to pray.—Dan


Quotations on Prayer And Young People

"Students should have their own seasons of prayer, where they may offer fervent, simple petitions that God shall bless the president of the school with physical strength, mental clearness, moral power, and spiritual discernment, and that every teacher shall be qualified by the grace of Christ to do his work with fidelity and with fervent love. They should pray that teachers may be the agents through whom God shall work to make good prevail over evil, through a knowledge of Jesus Christ whom He hath sent. May God give the students who attend our institutions of learning, grace and courage to act up to the principles revealed in the law of God, which is an expression of His character. Never be found disparaging the schools which God has established. If you have failed at any time, falling under temptation, it is because you did not make God your strength, because you did not have the faith that works by love and purifies the soul."—The Review and Herald, January 16, 1894


Prayer Activities

Prayer Groups For Young People

Prayer groups are very popular gatherings where young people come together to pray and lift up specific requests before God. I have been a part of many prayer groups over the years and can recommend them highly.


Written Resources on Prayer for Young People

Words to the Young On Prayer

"Ask God to do for you those things that you cannot do for yourselves. Tell Jesus everything. Lay open before him the secrets of your heart; for his eye searches the inmost recesses of the soul, and he reads your thoughts as an open book. When you have asked for the things that are necessary for your soul’s good, believe that you receive them, and you shall have them." (Read all of Words to the Young on Prayer.)

Prayer And Bible Study For Young People

"The youth who would serve God, should go away by himself, seeking some retired place to pray, or, if he cannot do this, he should pray while he labors, coming often to the throne of grace, asking the Lord to breathe upon him the spirit of prayer, and teach him how to ask for the things that he needs." (Read all of this short article on prayer and Bible study.)

Prayer Our Stronghold

"Amid the perils of these last days, the only safety of the youth lies in ever-increasing watchfulness and prayer. The youth who finds his joy in reading the word of God, and in the hour of prayer, will be constantly refreshed by drafts from the fountain of life."