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Seventh-day Adventist Authors On Righteousness By Faith


Seventh-day Adventists have been blessed with godly men and women who have written on the subject of Righteousness by Faith. Foremost of course, was Ellen White. There have been many others, including A. T. Jones, E. J. Waggoner, W. W. Prescott, A. G. Daniells, Meade MacGuire, Carlyle B. Haynes, more recently Norval Peace, Edward Heppenstall, Hans LaRondelle, Paul Lehman, Morris Vendon and Frank Phillips. Some of these are known today, some are virtually unknown, or at least unread. Accordingly, this page is dedicated to providing some of their sermons. This will be a work in progress,


Seventh-day Adventist Authors

A. G. Daniells

A. G. Daniells came from Australia and eventually served as the General Conference President for many years. Later he spent much of his time teaching on righteousness by faith. He is responsible for putting together the book Christ Our Righteousness, a wonderful book that I would encourage everyone visiting this site to read.


Carlyle B. Haynes

Haynes was one of the leading evangelist in his day and wrote many books. In spite of his busy activity for God, he came to realize many years into his ministry that He had never been converted. Accordingly he pursued an authentic relationship, which included discovering Christ as his personal Saviour. He shared the story of his conversion at the General Conference of 1926, which you will find on this page.


Meade MacGuire WONDERFUL!!

In my opinion, some of the best books ever written by an Adventist on righteousness by faith was Meade MacGuire. He wrote many articles for our publications and four major books. The books are His Cross and Mine, The Life of VictoryLambs Among Wolves and Does God Care. All of these are wonderful and should be read. He also wrote a long series on the "Latter Rain", as well as a little book on taking up Christ's yoke. Also read some of his articles.


Frank Phillips

Elder Phillips spoke much on righteousness by faith and greatly blessed those attending meetings he was holding. He spoke of things that have strong emphasis in the Spirit of prophecy, like dying to self, but are not spoken about much and little understood. His book His Robe Or Mine is considered by some as one of the most important books after the Bible and the writings of Ellen White. He gave me copies of His Cross and Mine and The Life of Victory, etc, and introduced me to the deeper concepts of righteousness by faith.


W. W. Prescott  

Elder Prescott played a very significant role in shaping Adventism. He was a church leader, evangelist, revivalist, educator, leader of colleges and institutions. He wrote much on righteousness by faith. His little volume, Victory in Christ, is wonderfully helpful, for example, in explaining the way of victory, and I happily share it with others. Written in the first person, it is a testimonial of what Christ meant to him. His writing was invariably Christ-centered and looked to the righteousness of Christ as the great decisive factor in the Christian walk. 


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