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The God-Arranged And Blessed Marriage

Advent Hope Sabbath School

Loma Linda, California

This series which was held at the Advent Hope Sabbath School in Loma Linda, CA, February 23,24, 2024, focused on how God can bring about wonderful matches and happy marriages, if He is trusted and obeyed, and suggests some principles for a happy marriage. God brought about our match and we have enjoyed a really wonderful marriage. You learn about how God brought it about in these meetings. 

I can imagine that some of what we shared might have seemed quite foreign to the way things typically operate, but we can testify to the wonderful blessings that came as a result of bringing us together. Though I don’t believe the way God led us is the pattern for all to follow—He leads in many different ways, His way with us proves His ability to answer in very clear and knowledgeable ways, His ability to match, and the wonderful confidence that comes when you know without the slightest doubt that God brought you together! We also chose not to kiss or hold hands ahead of time—definitely different than the norm today—but the most protective of purity, and led to a much deeper relationship and a wonderful first kiss and night. I think our relationship is better in every way because we waited and heartily recommend it." 

The God-Arranged And Blessed Marriage

The God Arranged Match 

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Let Her Be The One

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Principles of a God-Blessed Marriage

Secrets we have learned in the course of our happy marriage.


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