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Our next appointment will be in Thompsonville, IL where I will be interviewed regarding Path2Prayer Ministry and the Godhead Bible Studies we developed. Sabbath we will be in the church there sharing more on how God wants to bring about victory in our lives. Rose will also demonstrated making the almost free sprouted wheat bread that is so easy and so healthful.

The next appointment after that will be in Loma Linda, CA where I will her speaking at the Advent Hope Church. Advent Hope is a very busy church of consecrated young professionals. It is a privilege to share with them on relationships.

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About Us

Discipleheart.com is the work of Dan and RoseMarie Augsburger. Both of us are multi-generation Seventh-day Adventists. We have undergraduate and graduate degrees from Seventh-day Adventist Schools. We believe the Seventh-day Adventist message. We try to live the Seventh-day Adventist lifestyle. We are looking forward to Jesus' soon return. We  are grateful that God allows us to go with Him as He works in various areas of the world.

Dan has degrees in religion, broadcasting and religious education. His background includes pastoral and chaplain ministry, healthcare administration, executive search and teaching at the Andrews Theological Seminary.

Rose has degrees in consumer sciences and ministry. She served as a Bible and consumer sciences teacher at an SDA Academy, chaplain in another school setting, and Bible Work—her passion!

We share a love and respect for the writings of Ellen White. We also read other deeply spiritual books. 


Our Ministry

Our Path2Prayer Ministry has been around for more than ten years. The ministry includes speaking at venues throughout the world, developing and maintaining our websites, and much study. 



Dan's master's thesis, The Good News of Daniel 8:14, was later published as a book with the same title. He did the research for the transformation section for the Encyclopedia of Ellen White. He wrote a chapter on victory in the book Here We Stand. He adapted a midweek prayer series on the vine into a book entitled, The Branch and the Vine. He has also compiled many booklets, including Revival Now, The More Abundant Victorious Life, Prevailing Prayer, The God-Arranged Marriage


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One of the nicest things you can do for us is pray for us. We need God's blessings on our health, our travel, our ministry, our relationship. Your prayers make a significant difference for us. Thank you.

Support Us Otherwise

We have developed resources that are used by people in many places in the world.  These resources have been printed and made available on a no-cost or donation basis. We have also held meetings in many places in the world, some of which are paid for by the organizations that have invited us, in some cases by ourselves since the organizations are unable to pay for plane tickets. Because we have intentionally chosen to be underemployed to maximize our ability to develop and provide resources, and to go various places to hold meetings, we depend on the help of God's friends to make our ministry possible. If you are one of those people, we are so very very grateful for your role in making this ministry possible.



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