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Prevailing Intercessory Prayer


"2 Chronicles 7:14 "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray...."

Quick Links on Prayer

Ask! Believe! Rejoice!

Key Thoughts On Prayer

Prayer For Young People

Quotations on Prayer

Some Prayer Questions Answered

Testimonies of Answered Prayer

Written Sermons and Bible Studies On Prayer


Key Thoughts On Prayer

On this page you will find a list of the key concepts found in the Bible on the subject of prayer, and Bible verses supporting the inclusion of these concepts.


Key Words On Prayer

Here you will find key words used in the Bible and the writings of Ellen White when discussing prayer.


Ask! Believe! Rejoice!

These quotations are often shared in booklet form when I hold seminars on prayer. The document is not comprehensive but certainly gives helpful information to those who want to learn how to pray.


Testimonies of Answered Prayer

Here you will find encouraging stories of individuals who have obtained answers to their prayers.


Some Prayer Questions Answered

Many people have questions about how to get their prayers answered. Over time we will be addressing many of these questions


Written Sermons and Bible Studies on Prayer


Life Changing Prayer Meetings


Prayer For Young People

In this section I share some things written on prayer for young people.


Secret Prayer

Secret Prayer is the soul of religion. It is impossible to be a strong Christian and not have ongoing, uninterrupted, time with Jesus.


Prayer And Fasting

Fasting is an important component of our walk with Jesus. One person spoke of it this way: "For certain things, fasting and prayer are recommended and appropriate. In the hand of God they are a means of cleansing the heart and promoting a receptive frame of mind." On this page you will learn about fasting. It is a work in progress.


Quotations On Prayer

Matt. 7:7-8 “Ask and it shall be given….”

“It is part of God’s great plan to grant us, in answer to the prayer of faith, that which He would not bestow did we not thus ask.” Great Controversy, p. 525


Further Prayer Resources By Dan Augsburger

Writings On Prayer By Dan Augsburger

Here you will find some of the things I have written in blogs posts and newsletters over the years on prayer. I believe you will blessed in reading them.


Audio Sermons On Prayer By Dan Augsburger

N. Aurora Prayer Series - Dan Augsburger

NA2016 A Go Wash Seven Times  Click for MP3

NA2016 B Elijah and Praying for Rain  Click for MP3

NA2016 C Jesus and the Prayer that Restores Unity  Click for MP3

NA2016 D Nehemiah and the Prayer that Brought Unimagined Blessings  Click for MP3

NA2016 E Hezekiah's Revival  Click for MP3

NA2016 F Jacob and the Prayer that Overcame the Stubborn Will  Click for MP3

NA2016 G Take My Yoke  Click for MP3

NA2016 H Prayer Brings Witnessing  Click for MP3

NA2016 I Rose Testimony  Click for MP3


Praying For Revival (San Antonio, TX) - Dan Augsburger
General Conference Breakout Session 

Praying And Living For Revival Click for MP3


Ask, Believe, Rejoice Prayer Series (Ithaca, MI) - Dan Augsburger

Ask Believe Rejoice Handout 

8x11 Handout     A5 (Ipad & Tablet) Handout     A4 (European) Handout     Two-sided Booklet

Ask Believe Rejoice Audio

ITHMI1 Introduction and Wedding At Cana Click for MP3

ITHMI2 Naaman Click for MP3

ITHMI3 God's Will; Rose and Dan's Testimony Click for MP3

ITHMI4 What Hinders Answers To Prayer Click for MP3

     Catherine's Forgiveness Testimony Click for MP3

     Nineteen Reasons Prayers Are Not Answered


British Union Prayer Worships (Stanborough Park, UK) - Dan Augsburger

During the week that "Restore the Glory" was going on at the Stanborough Park Church, I was invited to give worships on prayer to the staff at the British Union. The talks were short but blessed.

Introduction Click for MP3

Marriage At Cana Click for MP3

Naaman Click for MP3

Witnessing Through Prayer Click for MP3

Extending Moses' Hands Click for MP3


Bread/Prayer: A Beautiful And Prayerful Life Seminar

This series of three sessions comparing the making of bread with prayer, took place at the Village SDA Church in Berrien Springs, Michigan in February of 2023. On this page you can find links for the talks, the bread demonstrations and the handouts.