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Some Questions On Righteousness By Faith Answered


What Is Righteousness By Faith?

The short answer is "right-doing" by faith. Learn more.

Do The Scriptures Teach About Righteousness By Faith?

The message of righteousness by faith is found throughout the Bible. Examples include the teaching of the earthly sanctuary, the exodus journey of the children of Israel, the progressive "temples," Bible prophecy, nature—such as the teaching about the vine and the branches, direct teaching and in his own life. On this page we will suggest a few of the different ways that Christ taught on this important subject

What Did Christ Mean When He Said We Were To Eat His Flesh And Drink His Blood?

Eating Christ's flesh and drinking His blood was a mystery to the people in Christ's day, but in our day we understand that he was making an important point in the matter of righteousness by faith. He was actually referring to our taking Him as our personal Saviour and assimilating His life into ours, in the same way we take food into the body. Click the link for a fuller answer on this aspect of righteousness by faith.

What Did Jesus Mean When He Said He Came To Fulfill The Law?

He came to show a perfect conformity to the will of God, something we are called to and only made possible as we experience the righteousness that is by faith.

What Is The Difference Between The New Covenant And The Old Covenant?

"The "New" Covenant was initially given to Adam and Eve, renewed to Abraham and ratified when Christ died. It could accordingly be called the "original" covenant. The "Old" Covenant, provided to Moses on Mt. Sinai, was given to lead people to feel the need of the Saviour, promised in the covenant given to Abraham. They did not call it righteousness by faith back then, but it was. The "new" covenant derives the "new" label from Christ having ratified it in His blood at the time of the crucifixion." (Learn more about the covenants by clicking on this link.)

What Is The "Will"?

It is the "kingly, governing" power, which if exercised correctly makes a wonderful difference in our lives. The will is an aspect that is little known or discussed when learning about righteousness by faith.

What Does It Mean To Die To Self?

Dying to self is also an important aspect of righteousness by faith. On this page you will find a bit of a study I did in preparing a section of the Ellen White Encyclopedia on transformation. I collected more than 1,600 pages of quotes, so this is only a remnant. However, dying to self is part of the price of experiencing righteousness by faith.

Are Feelings Good Indicators Of How We Are Doing?

They are a very poor indicator and we should not look to them to see how we are doing. Our righteousness is based on Christ's righteousness, not ours, which is always tainted. We should believe that God will make us new creatures as we seek that righteousness with comes through faith in Christ, regardless of our feelings.

Is Baptism Necessary?

es. Jesus clearly instituted the rite of baptism when He was baptized at the river Jordan and when He commanded His disciples to go and baptize. Rebaptism is also sanctioned in Paul's rebaptizing Jewish converts of Apollos. Baptism is an important step of faith as we pursue Christ's righteousness. Read a more complete answer by clicking on the link.

What Blessings Come With Baptism?

Many, as indicated in the three paragraphs listed.

Is Rebaptism Ever Necessary?

Sometimes! Paul is recorded re-baptizing converts of Apollos who had never experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit. We are told that the experience was instructive to the church. Learn more about why rebaptism may be necessary as we seek to live in right relationship to Christ.

What Does It Mean To Be Partakers Of The Divine Nature?

Understanding this concept challenged me for a long time. I think I understand it better now, but it contains such an amazingly wonderful offer for transformation, that it is almost too good to believe. We have heard about righteousness by faith and how we obtain that righteousness from Christ, but receiving His nature is even better. Is an impartation of His nature really offered? Read more to learn the answer.

What Does It Mean To Grasp Or Lay Hold Of The Divine Nature?

Here you find many many quotes of Ellen White on grasping the divine nature. This will come as new information to most people. I suspect this will greatly broaden your understanding of righteousness by faith.

What Does It Mean To Be Kept By The Power Of God?

Righteousness by faith includes the idea of being kept by the power of God. This idea comes from 1 Pet. 1:5 where Peter speaks of believers being kept by the power, and refers to God's ability to supernaturally provide divine power to believers. Coming across the main article that is referenced on this page, as I read through it, my heart began rejoicing, and I am still reveling in the blessings possible when God takes over our keeping.

What Is The Principle Of The Law Of Association

This subject goes with the meaning of being a partaker of the divine nature. It is based on several verses of scripture and a quotation. I think you will be stronger in  your walk with Jesus for knowing about the "Law of Association."

What Is The Cross Of Luke 9:23

When Christ spoke of the cross, He always referred to our cross! Yes, OUR cross. Our cross and righteousness by faith go together. The sooner we realize it, the sooner we will start embracing our cross. What is that cross? "The requirements of Jesus, that cut directly across human devisings, human indulgence of appetite, human calculations, human practices and habits." {20MR 104.3}

What Does It Mean To Make An Unreserved Surrender?

Paul tells us we have been bought with a price and that we are to surrender all that we are to Christ. What does that mean exactly?

How Soon Does Christ Pardon Us When We Come To Him?

Immediately! that's why righteousness by faith is good news. Be sure to read more on the subject.

How Soon Does Christ Forgive And Cleanse Us Of Sin After We Seek His Cleansing?

He may delay other answers, but when it comes to sin, he wants to do so immediately!

How Should We Respond To Satan's Accusations Of Our Sinfulness?

Tell Satan that Christ died to save sinners and that His righteousness stands in the place of our shortcomings and sin! Read more by clicking on the link.

How Do We Defeat Satan?

Here are Scriptures and quotations that show us the way to victory over Satan. 

What Is Conversion?

"True conversion is a radical change. The very drift of the mind and bent of the heart should be turned and life become new again in Christ." {4T 16.4} Conversion is something that happens daily, includes a radical turning towards God, and an ongoing process of transformation. Click on the link to learn much more on this important topic of receiving Christ's righteousness as our own.

What did Christ mean when He said we must become as little children?

He was speaking of humility. Read the rest of the answer.

When The Devil Tempts Us, Are We Automatically Guilty Of Sin?

The quick answer is "no." We are only guilty if we cherish the sin. Read more!

What Is Saving Faith?

Read many quotations on what it means to have saving faith, but remember that our saving faith is in the righteousness of Christ.

What Is The Faith That Overcomes The World?

It is the faith that takes hold of Christ and His righteousness and Mighty power. Read more.

What Does "For Me To Live Is Christ" Mean?

It is the most perfect interpretation in a few words in all the Scriptures, of what it means to be a Christian!

What Does It Mean To Be Forgiven By God?

Forgiveness by God not only means pardon, it also means renewal to a whole new life. It is receiving His perfect righteousness in the place of our mistakes and failure. Learn what the Bible says about forgiveness on this page.