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Christian Small Groups


I have had very positive experiences with small groups in a  variety of settings. The first group was a "turbo" introductory group with six other people, then a small group of approximately 12 individuals in my home following evangelistic series (several baptisms resulted; many of them continue as faithful SDAs; two church plants were developed and continue from individuals who were new SDAs); men's accountability group with three other individuals (life-changing, the at least three of the group are thoroughly committed soul-winners); and adult sponsor of collegiate, small group-based Sabbath School at Andrews University (life-changing for the students; developed many study guides for the students to use). Later I spent a week in Melbourne, Australia with Johnny and Tina Wong, the founders of the Gateway Church, which has Care Groups, and is arguably one of the most successful soul-winning churches on the planet from what I can tell. 

All of my small group experiences were positive and greatly impacted the participants.


Life Impact Small Groups


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