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On this page you will find quotations that will encourage you to be all you can be for your family.

Articles on the Role of the Father

The Home Duties of the Father

This is one of the best articles that I have read on the role of Father's raising their children. It should be required reading for all fathers.

Counsel To A Critical Overbearing Christian Father

The following quote comes from this helpful letter excerpt to a father who often criticized family members: "Your children are not encouraged to give you their confidence, or to acknowledge their faults, because they know that your stern rebuke is sure to follow. Your words are often as a desolating hail, which breaks down tender plants. It is impossible to estimate the harm thus done. Your children practice deception in order to avoid the hard words you speak. They will evade the truth to escape censure and punishment. A hard, cold command will do them no good." (Read the rest of the letter.)


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