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The Miracle Power Of Water

" In health and in sickness, pure water is one of Heaven’s choicest blessings. Its proper use promotes health. It is the beverage which God provided to quench the thirst of animals and man. Drunk freely, it helps to supply the necessities of the system, and assists nature to resist disease."

The Ministry of Healing, 237, 1905

Experiencing The Healing Power Of Natural Well Water

My wife suffered from eating anything acid for quite some time.

It seemed to begin after taking antibiotics after a dental procedure —something we would not repeat if at all possible!

She stopped using garlic, later the list included tomatoes, mangoes, pineapple, peppers, etc. All these foods caused great discomfort. She wasn't eating much beyond bread and greens. We were highly mystified on what was going on.

At some point she had heard from friends about alkaline water and we had even thought some about a machine. However it got her thinking about her body being too acid and the effect that treated city water might have on her acidity, since we were purifying city water for our drinking water.

Later she read how water was naturally alkaline by going over rocks. Somewhere along the line she also read that flowing wells have 233 parts per million of minerals, compared to 1 part per million for city water.

So we obtained water from a flowing well. A flowing well is a well that has so much pressure that water is constantly flowing out of the top of the well. If you look up "flowing wells" on a map, you may find there is a well somewhere in your region. I think regular well water might also be helpful.

Within two or three days she noticed that her muscle aches which she had been waking up with were gone. Soon she was also eating many of the foods that had caused such problems.

Many prayers had gone up asking for wisdom that might help others as well. The solution in the end was rather simple, and she is still cautious.

Who would have thought changing her drinking water would make such a dramatic change in her life.