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Effective Church Meetings / Effective Evangelistic Meetings

Quotations On Church Meetings

"I have been very earnestly at work here. We have been seeking to do everything in our power to educate the people here to understand what it means to be a Christian. We have been holding morning meetings the past week at half past five, lasting one hour. All who are connected with the office and all in the building attend these meetings. I talk to them about 30 minutes and then we have a social meeting. In the past two weeks I have spoken nine times; three times at length." {21MR 306.2}

"I think in the meetings held in Grimsby that there should be Bible lessons given in the place of many discourses. There should be visiting from house to house to get at the people. Pray with them, talk with them, and, above everything else, I hope those who labor will plead with God for His Holy Spirit. This is what is needed. There is the Salvation Army, the Holiness Band with their cheap Christianity, and yet it pleases because there is no warfare. They present all smooth sailing. The truth brings before the people heart religion. It is not, they will say, who are in error [or] the works we do, but it is what Jesus does for us. This is all true, but our works must be like the works of Christ. Now, if God works by His power, the hearts of all must feel it. This, then, is the way to reach the people, through God. Be in earnest, agonize in prayer, and you will see the salvation of God." {21MR 309.2}


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