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Raising Spiritual Children


Quotes on Raising Children

Over time you will find many helpful quotes on raising children on this page.


Audio Recordings Of Ellen White Articles On Raising Children

Ellen G. White wrote many articles, manuscripts and letters on raising children, to say nothing of speaking many times on the subject, particularly in the latter part of her ministry when God instructed her to help parents correct the way they were raising their children. I have found more than 200 such documents. We will endeavor to record and share some of them.


Mrs. White's Later Sermons And Articles On Discipline and Parenting Children

On this page you will learn Ellen White's counsel on Parenting and disciplining children, given in the later years of her life. From her correspondence with several individuals we know that God instructed her to share messages on raising children. These messages were given between 1910 and 1912. Because other books were being prepared, many of these messages were never formally published. Anyone can access these documents, however, in the "Manuscript and Letters" section of the data base.


The Role of Fathers  

Home Duties of Fathers


The Role of Mothers

Words for Mothers


Discipline of Spiritual Children


Children And Two Meals A Day Diet

Here you will find very helpful information on the timing and frequency of feeding children.

Unity In Family Government


Use Uniform Consistent Methods


Seek Their Conversion


Teach Children About The Seventh-day Sabbath


Train Your Children


Christian Music And Children


Raise Well-Behaved Children


Raise Responsible Trustworthy Children


Avoid Public Schools


Working With Orphans


A Message With a Sense of Urgency


Recommended Books By Ellen G. White And SDA Authors


Adventist Home - Ellen G. White

This is a wonderful compilation on the Christian home. You can confidently share this book with your friends and neighbors; the message is exceedingly helpful regardless of their religious persuasions.

Child Guidance - Ellen G. White

This is also an excellent book on how to raise children. You will want to read it prior to having children.

Real Home - Vesta Farnsworth

This is a marvelous book on marriage and the family. Ought to be must reading!

You and Your Child - Flora Williams

You will find many practical suggestions AND many stories to help you in teaching lessons to your child. This is an expanded edition.


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