Children And Diet


Diet plays an important role in raising Christian children. Not only does it impact their health, but it also impacts their ability to make good decisions and be obedient. You must read some of these articles.


Ellen G. White Articles On Children And Diet

Two Meals A Day Plan For Children

In this key article on diet and children she shares her own testimony on adopting and testing two meals a day versus three meals per day. After experimenting she came to the conclusion that children were much more manageable when they ate two meals a day instead of three meals. In fact, she stated:

"Children reared in this way are much more easily controlled than those who are indulged in eating everything their appetite craves, and at all times. They are usually cheerful, contented, and healthy. Even the most stubborn, passionate, and wayward, have become submissive, patient, and possessed of self-control by persistently following up this order of diet, united with a firm but kind management in regard to other matters." 

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