Dan's Daily Reading



I am an avid reader and read many pages per week from a wide variety of sources. Most of the time I am reading the Bible or the writings of Ellen White. After that I tend to read what other authors in our church have written. I also have books by other authors that I sometimes consult, but not very often. 

On this page I want to share selected excerpts from the things I am reading daily or posting. Some of it is truly amazing and deserves being shared widely. Because I read much from what was previously the "unpublished writings" of Ellen White, which are little known in our day, I am further motivated because there are wonderful jewels in those writings.

I also share here because I am increasingly realizing that Facebook is not a reliable platform to post things and know they will be widely shared—only a tiny group of people actually see what I post on Facebook. Facebook exists to make money for the owners and allow them sway public opinion from what I can tell, through censuring what is posted, and encouraging some posts more than others—only supporting community to the degree that their objectives are met. There was a time when having a thousand friends meant something. Now you can thousands of friends, but only a handful will read what you post because of Facebook limiting how many people can see a post without money being paid, or the post being censured So, if you want to see these posts, then get an rss feed from me. 



Finally, pray that God will bless this website to bring many people the good news of salvation and the wonderful insights to be found for life in the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy.—Dan