Key Words On Prayer


By searching key words on prayer, sometimes in phrases on or with boolean search operators in Folio Views, one can find many quotations and insights on the subject of prayer.


Prayer Words

On this page I list some of the key words and phrases that Ellen White used when writing about prayer. It is a quick list since I haven't take the time to order and categorize them much. Some of the phrases will need to be paired up with other words to keep the results manageable. For example, pair the word "constant" with the word "prayer." In the Folio Views search box you would just write in the two words: constant prayer. If you wanted to save yourself time, you might try: constant (prayer OR pray OR praying OR prayed). That would bring up all the quotes that have constant and one of the words listed within the parentheses. 

A Work in Progress

This list is always a work in progress.—Dan


Key Words On Prayer


Plead, plea, earnestness that cannot be denied, Ask, seek his counsel, plead promises, praying, on your knees, constant, constantly, burden of supplication, wrestling in earnest prayer, fill their mouths with arguments, seek him earnestly, entreat, supplicate, prostrate, implore, beg, wrestle, watch unto prayer, cling to Jesus, we must watch, we must pray, pray more, praying more, petition, petitions, 


Public Prayers

Praying out loud, pray with clear, distinct voice, Lord’s prayer in concert, concert, public prayer, prayed vocally, public prayers, prayer together, pray together, united prayer, cross of praying in a public meeting, vocal prayer, were not kept up by secret and vocal prayer, voice shall be audible, prayers offered, 


Prayer Meetings

Prayer meeting, social meeting, prayer meetings, season of prayer, united prayer, united prayers, small groups, special seasons of prayer, convocations for prayer 


How To Pray

Flowery, reverence, humble suppliant, at his feet, flowery words, telling the lord a story, “earnest, simple, broken, penitent prayer” acceptable always, lofty, wordy prayer, disgusting to the ear, disgusting to his people, sweet, meek, broken spirit, exhortations, secret prayer, ask for the very things, “simple, humble, childlike manner,” great carefulness, lofty, unmeaning words, arrayed together, right to the point, ask what you need, asking what you need, one object before you, do not wander, array of lofty words, self-abased child, hardly dares approach God, fasten upon promises securely, gracious returns, ceremonial compliments, eloquent prayers, true sentiments of the heart, idle words, simple wants, [subdued with a sense of its sin and utter weakness], petitions, dry sermonizing manner, eloquent prayers, ascend as sacrifices, 


Negative Prayers

Tame, spiritless prayers, tame prayers, complimentary prayers, complimentary prayer, dry sermonizing, eloquent prayers, 


Intercessory Prayers

Mediatorial kingdom, mediator, petitions of intense earnestness, [bringing them, one by one, into the presence of God,], intercede, intercession, 


Communion With God Prayers

Hearing voice of Jesus, voice of god, communing with God, communion with God, constant connection with God, God has not spoken to your soul, shut you in with himself,  audience chamber of the most high, silent communion, Secret communion, rich feasts of love, sweet communion, nearness, ravishes his heart, open communion, communion with heaven , commune with Christ,