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It goes without saying that Seventh-day Adventists are strong believers in Bible prophecy. Rose and I also strongly believe in Bible prophecy. There isn't too much on Bible prophecy on this website so far, but over time it will grow. However, as we come across helpful articles we will add them here. There will also be a section where questions are answered. I hope you will find these answers helpful.—Dan


The Prophecies Of The Book Of Daniel

Focus on Prophecy

These studies on Daniel and Revelation come from the Voice of Prophecy and are excellent. It is a very simple but instructive set. It is the one Rose is a great one to send to people in the mail.



The Prophecies Of The Book Of Revelation

Prophecy Made Easy - Glen Walker

This is an excellent book on Revelation that you can read on line.

Revelation Verse By Verse - Sam Hackenberger

Sam has taped more than 60 videos on the book of Revelation. They are excellent and I recommend them. I know Sam well and watched him serve the Lord for more than twenty years now, and have the highest respect for him. The link takes you to the page where all of his playlists are located. You will have to choose the one for Revelation.


Quotations on Bible Prophecy



Time of the End


Questions on Bible Prophecy Answered

What about time-setting? Are there still prophecies based on time being fulfilled? How should we respond to time-based messages?