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Dan Augsburger

Revival Now! (Benton Harbor, MI)

This eleven-part series of meetings was given at the Fairplain SDA Church in Benton Harbor, MI. by Dan Augsburger. Reference is made in the series to various resources, including "Revival Now," a small booklet that I put together on the need and way to revival. You will want to download and print the booklet if at all possible to be able to follow along as you are listening.

Revival Now Schedule  Read On Line  Click for 8x11 PDF  Click for A5 PDF  Click for A4 PDF

Revival Now! Booklet Click for 8x11 PDF  Click for A5 PDF  Click for A4 PDF

RN1 We Need Revival Click for MP3

RN2 How To Pursue Revival Click for MP3

RN3 What's To Confess Click for MP3

RN4 Making Things Click for MP3

RN5 Repentance Is More Than Feeling Sorry Click for MP3

RN6 Reveling In God's Mercy Click for MP3

RN7 Take Up The Cross Click for MP3

RN8 Choose Emptiness To Be Filled Click for MP3

RN9 Stay In The Fire Click for MP3

RN10 Adopt Christ's Lifestyle Click for MP3

RN11 Obtain Answers To Prayer Click for MP3


Praying For Revival 

General Conference Breakout Session (San Antonio, TX) 

Praying And Living For Revival Click for MP3


Restore the Glory!

Stanborough Park, Watford (UK) 

This series was given in the Stanborough Park SDA Church in Watford UK in 2015. The members had been involved in a major refurbishing project for a significant amount of time. I believe it was providential that my coming coincided with the final preparations and the inaugural first Sabbath service in the new sanctuary—though I didn't speak for that particular service.  However, I would be speaking nightly during that final week, and felt impressed to study about the construction and dedication of Solomon's Temple, believing important lessons could be drawn from Stanborough's own construction efforts. I was also impressed to compare the four "earthly" temples mentioned in the Bible: the Tabernacle built in the Wilderness by Moses; Solomon's Temple; the Second Temple that was built after the return from exile; and the Spiritual "Temple of the Heart," which was inaugurated on the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came into the hearts and lives of the believers. In all of this, I sought to show how God wants to work in the hearts of His people today. We had a wonderful time together and I learned much. I will be studying this theme more and adding to this series over time. While at Stanborough I also spoke for the worships every morning at the British Union Conference, trained pastors one day and shared at the church's prayer meeting.

A wonderful Relevant Quote On The Temple Of The Heart

"By transgression man severed himself from his God. That separation was wide and deep. But the wonderful provision God has made for men has bridged the gulf, and re-established that union, that His tabernacle may be with men, and that man may be one with God. In man’s holy innocence, the sacred temple was the human heart in which burned the sacred fire of holy love; and the incense of praise flowed forth from his lips and ascended to heaven, there to unite with the songs of the holy angels. The Father and Son communicated with Adam and Eve." {Ms150-1898.18}

Stanborough Park Prayer Meeting  Click for MP3

Restore the Glory! Part 1 "Overview"  Click for MP3

Restore the Glory! Part 2 "Blessed and Chosen to Restore the Glory"  Click for MP3

Restore the Glory! Part 3 "Building For Eternity"  Click for MP3

Restore the Glory! Part 4 "Distractions Diminishing the Glory  Click for MP3

Restore the Glory! Part 5 "Restoring the Presence"  Click for MP3

Restore the Glory! Part 6 "Restoring the Power"  Click for MP3

Restore the Glory! Part 7 "Restoring Godly Relationships"  Click for MP3