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Baptism, Communion, Marriage, Etc.



Down through history special divine services have been instituted in the church. These include baptism and communion. Marriage is also considered one of these ordinances in the minds of some. On this page you will find information on these deeply meaningful symbolic services. You will find information on marriage in the Christian family section.



Baptism is a deeply meaningful rite of entry into the Christian church. Here you will learn about the necessity of baptism, consider the question of whether rebaptism is necessary, as well as the blessings that come with baptism. Christ Himself was baptized at the beginning of His ministry, indicating the necessity of this special ordinance.


The Lord's Supper - Communion

The Lord's Supper includes a time of humbling preparation and a celebration of the Lord's death and resurrection. Instituted by Christ Himself, it is one of the most important ordinances of the Church.


Should We Keep The Feasts Of Israel?

I have included this page on the feasts of Israel in this section for now, since the feasts were done away with at the time of Christ's death. The Lord's Supper took the place of the Passover. Read and learn why we don't keep the feasts any more.