Mrs. E. G. White

Pray Without Ceasing

"It is not in our power to estimate the supplies that are provided by the Lord to meet our demands. What power might attend the church did we but call frequently and in faith for the abundant treasure of the store-house of God. We have only begun to taste of the richness of the divine promises. It is our privilege to drink largely of the fountain of boundless love."


Lord's Prayer

"WE should understandingly present to God the prayer that Christ taught His disciples. In it is mentioned all that we need. We are not to think that we should always limit our petitions by simply repeating this prayer, but it is short and embraces everything."


Bible Studies

Prayer: A Bible Study

[Taken from the Bible Training School]

"PRAYER is the link that connects us with Christ, or as it is sometimes stated, “Prayer is the key that opens heaven.” Few realize the mighty power there is in the prayer of faith." Discover what the Bible says on secret and family prayer, who we should intercede for, and the posture we should assume when praying.