Study Prayer


PRAYER is the link that connects us with Christ, or as it is sometimes stated, “Prayer is the key that opens heaven.” Few realize the mighty power there is in the prayer of faith. The following study examines the subjects of secret and family prayer—individual and group prayer, and people we can pray for.—Dan 


What Is Secret Prayer

Matt. 6: 6. If we really grow in grace we must have seasons of secret converse with the Lord.

Mark 1 :35. If the day is crowded with cares we can do as the Saviour did, rise before daylight in the morning and spend time alone with God.

Matt. 14 :23. The Saviour also spent time alone with the Father after the perplexities of the day were past.

Psa. 55:17. At “evening, and morning, and at noon” there should be special seasons of prayer.

Psa. 88:1, 2. We may pray during the day or night.

1Thess. 5 :17. We should be in a prayerful frame of mind continually.

Job 22:27, 28. It is the privilege of the Christian to believe that his prayer is heard.

Isa. 43:26. The Lord is pleased when we plead the promises He has made.

Isa. 41:21. The Lord invites us to produce our cause, and bring forth our strong reasons.

Luke 11:1. We should ask the Lord to teach us how to pray.

Rom. 8 :26, 27. The Holy Spirit presents the prayer of the broken and contrite heart before God in an acceptable manner.

Amos 5:4. There is life in earnest prayer.

Phil. 4 :6. We should always thank the Lord for what He has done for us when we present our requests for greater blessings.


What Is Family Prayer

Matt. 18 :19. The Lord’s word is pledged to answer the united prayer of two or more individuals.

Matt. 18 : 20. As the family of two or more kneel in prayer, it is their privilege to claim the promise of God’s presence with them.

Acts 2:46, 47. A church whose members have daily prayer in their homes will always be a growing church.

Gen. 12 5, 8. Abraham erected a family altar whereever he lived.

Gen. 35 : 2-4. Jacob gathered his family together for family worship.

Gen. 35 : 5. A family that is faithful in their worship will be respected by their neighbors.

Joshua 21 : 15. Every Christian should say with Joshua, “as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

Job 1 :5. Job made offerings for his family continually.

Jer. 10 :25. The families that do not have family worship are classed with the heathen.

Jer. 10:25. The cause of God is “devoured,” “consumed,” and made “desolate” by families that do not honor God sufficiently to have family worship.


For Whom Should We Pray ?

1 Tim. 2 : 2. Kings and all in authority.

2 Cor. 1 :11. Phil. 1 : 19. Ministers.

Psa. 122 :6. Isa. 62:6, 7. The church.

Eph. 6:18. All saints.

1 Tim. 2: 1. All men.

Gen. 17 :18. Matt. 15 : 22. Children.

Gen. 24:12-14. Masters.

Luke 1 : 2, 3. Servants.

Job : 8, 10. Friends.

Rom. 10 : 1. Fellow-countrymen.

James E. :14. The sick.

Matt. 5 : 44. Persecution 

Jer. 29 : 7. Enemies among whom we dwell.

Num. 12 : 13. Those who envy us.

2 Tim. 4 : 16. Those who forsake us.

1 Sam. 12: 23. Sin of neglecting.


What Should Be Our Posture In Prayer

Psa. 95 : 6. “Let us kneel before the Lord our Maker.”

Luke 22 :41. The Saviour “kneeled down and prayed.”

Acts 20 : 36. Paul “kneeled down and prayed.”

2 Chron. 6 : 13. Solomon “kneeled down upon his knees before all the congregation” and prayed.

Matt. 26 : 39. The Saviour when in agony “fell on His face, and prayed.”

I Chron. 21 : 16 David when in distress fell upon his face in prayer.

Joshua 6 :14. Joshua fell upon his face and worshipped.

Num. 16 : 20-22. Moses and Aaron fell upon their faces and prayed.

Mark 11 : 25. ‘One may stand while praying.

Isa. 38 :1, 2. Hezekiah prayed while lying in bed.

Isa. 1 : 15. Some spread forth their hands while praying.

Psa. 2S : 2. The psalmist lifted up his hands to ward the heavenly sanctuary when he prayed.

Lam. 2 :19. Whatever the posture, the heart must be poured out before God.

Psa. 66 :18. “ If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me.”

Prov. 28 : 9. “ He that turneth away his ear from hearing the law even his prayer shall be an abomination.”—The Bible Training School, February, 1906