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Sabbath In The Home

Keeping the Sabbath refers to doing those things on the Sabbath that are conducive to bringing the blessings originally intended by God when He blessed the Seventh-day Sabbath and hallowed it [made it holy] at the time of creation! Properly observing the Sabbath includes getting up early so that the family is not rushed to make it to church on time, delicious meals that are more simple and in lesser quantities so that our brains are not clogged from too much food in our system, special worships, attendance at Sabbath School and Church in a Sabbath-keeping Church [Seventh-day Adventist Church], afternoon walks in nature, etc.

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How Shall We Keep The Sabbath

"The mind cannot be refreshed, enlivened, and elevated by being confined nearly all the Sabbath hours within walls, listening to long sermons and tedious, formal prayers. The Sabbath of the Lord is put to a wrong use if thus celebrated."

The Sabbath In The Home