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Ellen G. White's Special Messages On Parenting Children At The End Of Her Life

Recently there have been repeatedly given to me messages of warning and instruction to parents, pointing out the need of diligent effort, and of seeking the Lord with close searching of heart and with earnestness of purpose.

Review and Herald, February 1, 1912, par. 1


Mrs. White began giving messages of warning and instruction to parents going into 1911. This was the result of God's directing. 

First notice what she wrote Dr. F. M. Rossiter of North Yakima, Washington regarding what was going on at that time:

"My message to you is, Do not be discouraged. Study diligently in the Bible regarding the duty of husbands and wives to one another. Also strive to bring up your children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. During the last year my mind has been much upon the duties of parents to their children. There is a great work to be done by parents to win their children to a love of the truth.{Lt20-1912.2} Just now, what strength I have is given mostly to bringing out in book form what I have written in past years on the Old Testament history from the time of Solomon to the time of Christ. Last year The Acts of the Apostles was put in print and is being widely circulated; and now we are making good progress with this Old Testament history. We are advancing as fast as possible. {Lt20-1912.3} I have faithful and conscientious helpers who are gathering together what I have written for the Review, Signs, and Watchman, and in manuscripts and letters, and arranging it in chapters for the book. Sometimes I examine several chapters in a day, and at other times I can read but little, because my eyes become weary, and I am dizzy. The chapters that I have been reading recently are very precious." {Lt20-1912.4}

She wrote the following to Elder J. A. Burden in 1912:

"As you labor for the advancement of the work in those lines to which you are specially called, seek to impress upon parents the great need of faithful work in the home. Help them to see how they can take their children with them in their service for Christ. If their religious impressions are true, if they have learned of the great Teacher, they will not correct their children in anger. To manifest anger is to give evidence of an unbalanced judgment; to indulge in scolding and fretting and unholy passion is to dishonor before the children the One whom they profess to serve. {Lt22-1912.3}  Parents should be taught to seek prayerfully for calmness of spirit, for well-balanced judgment, for a firm control of temper. To scold and shake an erring child is to lose the opportunity to express in the right away the patience and forbearance that should ever characterize the Christian. It is to give a wrong mold to the character which it is the privilege of the parent to fashion after the perfect pattern. When the patience is worn out, and the temper beyond control, [it] is no time to administer correction. Only harm will be the result of punishment given under such conditions; for it gives satanic agencies a chance to work upon the mind. Let the mother do the work of correction at a time when she can sit down with the child and talk calmly about the wrong that has been done, showing him how the Holy Spirit of God has been grieved." {Lt22-1912.4}

She also explained in her own talks that God had instructed her to admonish parents in regards to their children:

"In the night season I was before a congregation, and I was telling fathers and mothers, “Never speak a word in passion. Wait until you are cooled off yourself.” {Ms66-1911.24}

"We have met here that we might be a help and strength and speak a word, perhaps, in season. I want to tell fathers and mothers that many of them lead their children into disorderly words and actions by their own harsh words. Take them aside and pray with them. What are we seeking for? We are after a life that measures with the life of God. ... {Ms68-1911.14} This is the message that has been given to me or you would not see me at my age traveling around as I am and speaking to the people. But just as long as God gives me strength I shall be in His work, speaking these word. Work for the salvation of your children. Do not scold them or fret at them, because you may close the door that you never can open again. You may close the door by finding fault or by hasty punishment so that you never can break down the barrier. ... {Ms68-1911.15}

"The Lord gave me a decided message for the people. My burden was for our families who are unprepared to meet the Lord. A special burden was upon me to point out to our people the need of seeking the Lord with close searching of heart and earnestness of purpose." {Lt64-1911.5}

"Recently there have been repeatedly given to me messages of warning and instruction to parents, pointing out the need of diligent effort, and of seeking the Lord with close searching of heart and with earnestness of purpose." {RH February 1, 1912, par. 1}

"And if they need correction, never do as I have seen some do in meeting—shake their children. It makes them mad. That does not convert them. I am night after night pleading with parents, telling them, Here is a family, and you are God’s representative to present to that family what they must do in order to inherit eternal life. You must yourselves give the example." {Ms81-1912.5}

As a result of God's leading, Mrs. White began admonishing parents on the right way to parent their children, as evidenced in the articles and manuscripts listed below, many of which have never been, or minimally, published. Many of the sermons were given in churches in California. 

The lack of publishing was due to the busyness related to completing Prophets and Kings and gathering information for articles as mentioned in one of the citations above. Letters have also been included in which she writes on the subject.


The Later Articles And Manuscripts On Parenting Children

These letters, manuscripts and articles are listed chronologically. Notice that many of them say "Previously unpublished." Though the manuscripts were not published, quotations from these documents were included in the compilations.

Lt 32a-1910 White Daniells, A. G.; Prescott, Brother and Sister. Previously unpublished.

Ms 74-1910 White Remarks at Oakland, California

RH October 12 1911 White Need of a Godly Example [Teaching]

ST November 14 1911 White Parents Should Be Christlike

Ms17-1911 White Sermon on Philippians 2. [Only brief paragraphs on children.]

Ms25-1911 White Thoughts on Second Peter. Previously unpublished.

Ms45-1911 White Thoughts on Second Peter. [Key article on dress]

Ms58-1911 White An Appeal to Fathers and Mothers. Previously unpublished.

Ms60-1911 White To Fathers and Mothers. Previously unpublished.

Ms61-1911 White Individual Responsibility of Fathers and Mothers, Previously unpublished.

Ms62-1911 White Her Experience Disciplining Children. Previously unpublished.

Ms63-1911 White Message to Parents and Ministers. Previously unpublished.

Ms64-1911 White Parents to Be Teachers. Previously unpublished.

Ms65-1911 White Fragments Messages to Parents. Previously unpublished.

Ms66-1911 White Parents and Preparation For Heaven. Previously unpublished.

Ms68-1911 White Passion Never Cures Passion. Previously unpublished.

Ms69-1911 White Remarks at Paradise Valley Sanitarium. Previously unpublished.

Ms70-1911 White John 15 and Parenting. Previously unpublished.

Ms71-1911 White Witnessing For Jesus and Raising Children. Previously unpublished.

Ms72-1911 White Sermon on Luke 9. Previously unpublished.

Ms73-1911 White Sermon on 2 Peter 1. Previously unpublished.

Ms75-1911 White Sermon on John 14. Previously unpublished.

RH February 1, 1912 White A Message to Parents on Character

Lt10-1912 White Letter to Howard Rand

Lt20-1912 White Letter to F. M. Rossiter, St. Helena, California, May 14, 1912.

Lt22-1912 White Letter to Brother and Sister Burden, St. Helena, California, May 16, 1912. Previously unpublished.

Ms7-1912 White Of Such is The Kingdom of Heaven. Previously unpublished.

Ms15-1912 White An Appeal for Unity. Published in entirety in LLM 601-606.

Ms53-1912 White A Neglected Word. Portions of this manuscript are published in 1NL 85-88.

Ms77-1912 White Working In Unity To Reach Children. Previously unpublished.

Ms78-1912 White Repent and Be Converted. Previously unpublished.

Ms80-1912 White Conversion of Children at Carr St. Church. March 20, 1912. Previously unpublished.

Ms81-1912 White White Reformation of Children At Carr St. Church, March 23, 1912. Previously unpublished.

Ms82-1912 White Sermon at Sanitarium Chapel. Previously unpublished. [Key article in which Ellen White speaks how she disciplined a group of "rude" boys.]


Researching For Yourself

If you want to research parenting children for yourself, to find articles, do a search of the database of Mrs. White's writings for the word "parents," looking for articles that have many paragraphs with the word "parents." Then look for the word "mothers," doing the same thing. Do the same for "daughters."  You will find many articles on raising children in this way. To find individual articles, use word pairs: enter the words, Mother and scolding, for example. Of course it takes time, but word pairs and word-use in multiple paragraphs, are the keys to finding articles on the subject in Ellen White's writings. If you want to learn more about how to do this, you will find the Researching The Writings Of Ellen White section most helpful.


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