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Seventh-day Adventist Musicians & Music

This page features the websites, YouTube channels and music of Seventh-day Adventist musicians and composers. I greatly appreciate the music created in our church am frustrated that I sometimes cannot find their websites. Accordingly I have made a list to make it easy for everyone. Please suggest additional websites and musicians.


SDA Musicians And Their Music


Triangelos YouTube Channel

This is a Norwegian group. Some of their music is also in English. Beautiful. You will be blessed!


Laura Williams

Laura Williams Music


Laura Williams YouTube Channel


3ABN Praise Him Channel

3ABN Praise Him YouTube Channel

This YouTube channel has lots of music that has been performed at 3ABN


Scott Bennett


Scott has his own music ministry. He also does a lot of singing for It Is Written.


Christian Berdahl

Shepherd's Call Ministry Website

Christian's Music Videos


Paul Christian 

GLORY2HIM Productions

GLORY2HIM YouTube Channel


Steve Darmody

Steve's YouTube Channel


Carlot Dorvé

carlotdorve.com (religious videos and other links)

YouTube link of La Mandolinata

Carlot is among the greatest trumpeters on the planet at this time, having learned how to play the trumpet with only his left hand. Admirers of his include other players of world-renown like Winton Marsalis. I have included one additional Youtube link where you can hear Carlot's skills on a piece of classical music. We are pleased that a young Seventh-day Adventist musician is able to witness for God among the "notables" of the music world.


Eastwood Missions

Eastward YouTube Channel

This group from Australia has a very active youth ministry, including a music camp.


Ethan McGrath


Ethan was a student at Fountainview, where he recorded an album or two of sacred piano music from what I am told. It is hard to find them though. I think on the Fountainview Academy website you may succeed.


Fountainview Academy

Fountainview Academy YouTube Channel


GYC Music


This is music recorded at the various GYCs.


Jaime Jorge

Jaime Jorge's YouTube Channel


The Nebblett Family

Pathway of Promise YouTube Channel


M.A.P. Ministries (Music With A Purpose)

M.A.P. Ministries' YouTube Channel

Their M.A.P. website


Thomas Mayhew

Thomas is a young adult pianist who has a wonderful gift for supporting congregational singing. Unfortunately some—many?— pianists try to give a little concert while they are accompanying the congregation, and it detracts from the blessing and sometimes can make it hard to sing parts, etc. Thomas apparently understands this, because it is a joy to sing when he is playing.

Thomas Mayhew's Youtube Channel.


Matt and Josie Minikus

Matt and Josie Minikus YouTube Channel

Matt and Josie's Website


Erwin Nanasi


This app has all of the hymns in the SDA Hymn Book being played by Erwin, as well as the information from the Companion to the Hymnal, which contains all the notes on the authors and composers. 

Master Hymn Writing Class

Music History with Lineage Journey Podcast

KnowHymn Hour

Holy City

Music Workshop at Sandpoint SDA Church

Collegedale Korean SDA Music Conference

Let All Things Living

Sound Clouds Tracks


Neville Peter

Neville's Ministry Website

Neville's Video Page


Wintley Phipps

Wintley's YouTube Channel


Rejoice Trio

Rejoice Trio.com


Grant and Tiffany Steinweg

The Steinweg's YouTube Channel


Calvin Taylor Music



Oakwood University Aeolians

The Aeolians YouTube Channel


Ouachita Hills College

Ouachita Hills YouTube Channel


Weimar University

Weimar University Chamber Singers YouTube Channel



There are apps for hymns and Scripture songs. Some of them offer free music. These are really excellent and you should know about them.



On this app you get the lyrics and piano accompaniment for all of the hymns of the SDA hymn book. The playing is wonderful, almost too wonderful, for it can be difficult to sing with. It comes from Weimar University.


Scripture Singer

Scripture Singer is a large collection of Scripture songs that is produced by Craig Cleveland of Castle Valley Academy in Utah—he was formerly leading the music at Fountainview Academy. It features the music of a variety of individuals including Abigail Miller [not an SDA but a very conservative Christian singer]. There is an app that can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play, and features the 250 scripture songs available at no cost.