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Dan Augsburger

Like Jesus (Benton Harbor, MI)

This was one of the most Christ-centered series of meetings I have ever held. I believe you will be greatly blessed in listening. I continue to study what it means to be like Jesus and expect to have more segments on this theme in the future.

Like Jesus 1: John the Baptist-Behold the lamb of God  Click for MP3

Like Jesus 2: Follow Me  Click for MP3

Like Jesus 3: Pray Like Jesus  Click for MP3

Like Jesus 4: Surrender Like Jesus  Click for MP3

Like Jesus 5: Overcome Like Jesus  Click for MP3


The More Abundant Victorious Life (El Suyatel, Honduras, 2018)

This series was given as a series of morning devotionals at a little Bible school in Honduras. I believe I have been there nine times by now and have spoken on many topics. For the first time I had identical booklets in English and Spanish, thereby allowing me to direct readers of both languages to the respective line numbers to read quotes in their own languages. In the resources below there are pdfs for a tablet and booklets for double-sided printing and then folding in half.

English & Spanish Downloadable PDFResources

The More Abundant Victorious MAVLg VIDA 2018 PDF

The More Abundant Victorious MAVLg VIDA 2018 Booklet PDF (For double-sided printing)

La Vida Victoriosa Más Abundante g VIDA 2018 PDF

La Vida Victoriosa Más Abundante g VIDA 2018 Booklet PDF


Related More Abundant Victorious Life Audio

This was a series of nine devotionals shared at the VIDA school in El Suyatel, Honduras. The talks were translated into Spanish. Attendees were directed to respective line numbers in English and Spanish booklets.

Possibility Of An Abundant Life

Our Inability And The Will

Confess Repent Surrender

Receive Pardon And Christ's Righteousness

The Role Of The Bible, Prayer And Messages

Broken Dying Emptied

Trials And Overcoming

Receiving Christ As Our Life