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Blessed Relief From Severe Menstrual Cramps

My wife used to have severe issues with Menstrual Cramps, but God provided a remedy that has worked wonderfully since 2014.

We discovered it accidentally—actually providentially—while we were in Mauritius holding meetings. At the time I was sick from drinking bad water and taking activated charcoal. Impressed that activated charcoal is an anti-inflammatory, she decided to take several tablets for her cramps. Instead of the pain and agony that was normal, she had blessed relief. 

When she feels her time is coming, she takes two activated charcoal tablets and continues daily with that regime during the time. She also earnestly prays for God's blessing as she is taking the tablets.

I used to dread the time of the month coming. Now I hardly know about it. It really works.

If it works for you let us know since we have limited information if it is working for others. If you write Rose will respond.

You rarely hear activated charcoal mentioned, but it works wonderfully for her.


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