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This section of discipleheart is dedicated to helping families experience all the blessings that God intended. We are told that "Every family in the home life should be a church, a beautiful symbol of the church of God in heaven." {Lt104-1897.10}. We are also told "The training of children constitutes an important part of God’s plan for demonstrating the power of Christianity." {Ms49-1901.22} Being a parent I have always been interested in the subject. I have read many books on the subject, including Adventist Home and Child Guidance. Much greater interest came, however, as I was traveling home from India in November of 2016 and had the time to read multiple complete articles on the subject of the Christian family. Since that time in 2016 I have read more than 250 articles, letters and manuscripts. I have been in awe of what I have read. I have been struck by a sense of urgency for families that I had not perceived in the past. I noticed a positive approach that came through all of the articles. I learned about how Ellen White raised children, some of whom were not her own, and in her words, had "perfect success." This is a timely subject and I hope to share some of the things that I have found that have been so helpful.—Dan


Christian Family Seminars by Dan & RoseMarie Augsburger

Advent Hope Sabbath School, Loma Linda, CA February 23,24, 2024

In this series of three meetings, Rose and I share how God brought us together, and some of the things we have learned regarding attaining a happy marriage. One of the presentations given is devoted to the story of Eliezar's quest to find a wife for Isaac, and  how to know God's will. Video links and handouts are included.



On this page you will find many resources on raising kids with disciplehearts. Some of this information is on the SDA Web Resources page already. However this page will be an expanded version eventually.


Audio Recordings Of Ellen White Documents On Raising Children

Ellen White wrote hundreds of documents on raising children—more than 250! Here you will find some of them recorded for listening.


Ellen White's Approach To Discipline

Ellen White raised many children. She referred to them sometimes as being adopted, but that was not in the legal since we use the term today. Rather, these children were entrusted to her by parents who were struggling to raise their children correctly, or children who had no parents. Her statements on this experience are found randomly throughout her writings—a paragraph here, a few there, etc—and accordingly are hard to find. In reading thousands of pages of her writings I have found many such statements. You will find them on this page.


Ellen White's Later Messages On Parenting Children

On this page you will learn about Ellen White speaking on parenting children in the later years of her life. From her correspondence with several individuals we know that God instructed her to share these messages on how to discipline and work with children because parents were not doing so correctly.. These sermons and articles were rendered between 1910 and 1912. Because other books were being prepared, many of these messages were never formally published. Anyone can access these documents, however, in the "Manuscript and Letters" section of the data base.


Free Study Guides On The Christian Family

Here you will find a variety of helpful study guides on various aspects of Christian courtship, marriage, Christian families and raising children in a God-honoring way.


Dan's Family Blog

There isn't much here, unfortunately, but I occasionally share a bit.


Christian Men


Christian Mothers


Godly Christian Marriages

Learn more about how to have a good marriage on this page.

Seeking A Christian Marriage Partner And Godly Courtships

Would you like a God-arranged marriage? Such a marriage is possible for He brought me an idea spouse, and we have enjoyed a delightful marriage for over eleven years. 


Raising Spiritual Children


Raising Spiritual Youth (Teenagers)


Raising Spiritual Young Adults


Some Family Questions Answered


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