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Dan Augsburger Writings On Prayer




I've been thinking and speaking and writing on prayer for many years. Like everyone else, I grew with prayer and was praying from an early age. I was even a full-time pastor and obviously praying—in retrospect going through the motions of prayer but obtaining few answers.

Serious prayer only came into my life at a time of crisis when I needed more than silence. At that time I began carefully studying what the Bible taught about prayer and reading other books on the subject. I began applying what I was learning and came to experience amazing answers to prayer—one group of them being what I term "my summer of answered prayer," a time period when specific answers came right and left on a daily basis in an unimaginable way. 

Out of that experience I began praying more earnestly, praying with more people, and further studying and thinking on the subject. Eventually I was asked to be a prayer partner of Pastor Dwight Nelson of the Pioneer Memorial Church in Berrien Springs, Michigan. That relationship resulted in my being asked to lead the mid-week prayer service at Pioneer Memorial Church, and eventually spawned a world-wide prayer ministry called Path2Prayer.

Throughout that time I learned more about prayer, saw the process of praying from up close, saw many answers come, collected information and quotes on what I was learning, and developed several booklets on prayer. 

I believe many attendees of my seminars have come to pray more confidently and successfully. I praise God for that. I have also seen God's continued work in my life and in my prayer life.

On this page I share some of the more informative things I have written on prayer in the past and will write in the future.—Dan Augsburger


Blog Posts

Prayer And The Hummingbird

There was a time when I wrote a daily blog and sent out many newsletters. Those were times of great blessings, when God would put a thought in my heart and then began adding word after word of a short piece on whatever the subject would be. This was one of those times, occasioned by flowers swaying as the result of a tiny hummingbird's wings creating a great force of wind as it was feeding at its feeder. Similarly, prayer sets in motion great supernatural forces that can change the course of one's life and overcomes many challenges.—Dan Augsburger