Daily Life


In this section of discipleheart we want to share details of daily life that we believe will be helpful to believers in others places. Individuals who have been within the church for a time are familiar with aspects of daily life—lingo, recipes, but not everyone is. Accordingly, for new believers, we offer some things that we believe will be helpful. This will be a work in progress.

Observations On Daily Life Blog

Life is filled with instructive lessons if we will only open our eyes to see them. In this blog we try to share some of the things we have observed as they apply to our Christian experience.

Mostly Plant-Based Recipes

Some of the recipes use honey, but that is the only non-plant item that you would find.

Christmas, Thanksgiving And Other Holidays

We can find some information on how to celebrate holidays in the writings of Ellen White. This section is devoted to sharing some of that information. The first holiday examined is Thanksgiving.