What Does It Mean To Die To Self


Abraham and Isaac on the way to Mt. Moriah.
Abraham and Isaac on the way to Mt. Moriah.



What does the Bible say about dying to self?

What does it mean to die to self on a practical basis?

Why is it necessary to die to self? These are some of the questions that we address in the study that follows.

Quick Answers

“The Lord will help every one of us where we need help the most in the grand work of overcoming and conquering self.” Letter 84, 1899 (1899)

“The greatest work that can be done in our world is to glorify God by living the character of Christ. God will make perfect only those who will die to self.” (MS 16, 1900).  6BC 1109 (1900)

“A refining, purifying process is going on among the people of God, and the Lord of hosts has set his hand to this work. This process is most trying to the soul, but it is necessary in order that defilement may be removed.” RH, April 10, 1894 (1894)

"Genuine sanctification, is nothing less than a daily dying to self, and daily conformity to the will of God."

Some Questions To Ponder

Is dying to self Biblical?

Is dying to self necessary?

How do we experience dying to self?

What is the result of dying to self?

How is dying to self linked to...

  • Baptism?
  • Surrender?
  • Guidance?
  • Trials?

What Does The Bible Says About Dying To Self

On this page you will find an exhaustive Bible Study on dying to self. 

Bible Stories On Dying To Self?

The Bible is full of stories on dying to self. Among examples that come to mind are Adam and Eve, Cain and Able, Noah, etc. In these stories we learn about areas in which we die to self, including health, obeying God in reference to our worship of him, and standing for the truth. Sometimes dying to self is an inconvenience; sometimes we do so at the risk of our lives. The great people of the Bible committed to following God no matter what was called for, and so must we! Learn more about their experiences by clicking on this link.

An Ellen White Study On Dying To Self

Here you will find a study on dying to self based on the writings of Mrs. White. These quotes were found in the course of my research on dying to self for the transformation section of the Ellen White Encyclopedia. On working on such an assignment I am reminded that I am compiling statements that came through inspiration and that my thoughts and compilations must reflect what she wrote and not my pet view. I also had to learn how to gather the data so that I could study what I had found and not have to do another study of my study. God blessed in all accounts and the research went well. Here you have some of the fruit of that research.

Scriptures Paired With Quotations On Dying To Self

Here I combined Scriptures with relevant quotations on dying to self.

Dying To Self Quotes Arranged In Topical Order

On this page I list various quotes on dying to self arranged on a typical basis as it relates to spiritual growth.


Sermons And Letters On Dying To Self

Self Must Be Constantly Subdued

In this letter sent to S. N. Haskell in 1898, Mrs. White provides helpful insights on the need of overcoming and managing self. The word "dying" is not used, but it is implied. Here is one quotation: "Self must not be expected to do a work for God without depending on the Holy Spirit’s leading. Self must be constantly subdued, if our will is in harmony with Christ’s will. The sooner we get down to bedrock, the more complete will be our victory in Christ Jesus. The grace of Christ can only come through surrender." 13LtMs, Lt 121, 1898, par. 13 I found this quotation while searching  for "our will" AND harmony. Several wonderful documents came up. Read Self Must Be Constantly Subdued.


Some Additional Thoughts On Dying To Self

I somewhat thought I knew a bit about dying to self when I began my research initially, but quickly realized there was far more to the subject. For one thing, the term "dying to self encompasses dying to self, being emptied of self, being broken, etc., all of which denote pieces of the process. Dying to self refers to making the conscious decision to stop seeking to have our way and to surrender all that we are and have into God's hands. Being emptied of self refers to allowing God to purge all the effects of self from our lives. Being broken speaks to the crisis moments when God breaks us to get the outcome that He desires. Often God uses trials in the process and other difficulties, but in the end He hopefully gets his way. So there is much to the subject and I trust the information provided will prove helpful.

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A Bible Study On Dying To Self

An Ellen White Study On Dying To Self

Scriptures Paired With Quotations On Dying To Self