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Meade MacGuire (1875-1967) was a prominent Adventist leader and author. In 1891, when he was 16 years old, he organized a youth society at his home church in Antigo, Wisconsin, which eventually developed into the Missionary Volunteer Society. In 1903 he served as a pastor in Colorado. In 1907 he joined the Young People’s Department at the General Conference. In 1913 he became a field secretary of the General Conference. In 1924 He became the Assistant Secretary of the Ministerial Association, working closely with A. G. Daniells to spread the message of righteousness by faith. He authored four important books on the topic; The Life of Victory, His Cross and Mine, Lambs Among Wolves and Does God Care, as well as other smaller publications and articles. Those attending his revivals and ministerial institutes were greatly blessed by the practical and Christ-centered messages he presented.

Pastor MacGuire's Sermons

A group of Meade MacGuire's sermons was found in a book that was published on an Educational and Missionary Volunteer Conference that was held in Colorado Springs in 1923. I found a mimeographed copy of the book quite randomly and realized I had found a treasure trove of materials. Among the sermons was one on teaching about the victorious life.

Teach Victory and the Victorious Life - Meade MacGuire

Meade MacGuire’s presentation on teaching victory was made June 7, 1923 at the early morning session of the World Convention of the Educational and Missionary Volunteer Departments of the General Conference of Seventh Adventists held at Stratton Park, Colorado Springs, Colorado June 5 to 19, 1923


Books of Meade MacGuire

I consider Meade MacGuire's books on righteousness by faith some of the best ever written by a Seventh-day Adventist writer. I highly recommend his books to all of my friends. Here you will find pdfs that you can download.

His Cross and Mine - Meade MacGuire

When Jesus spoke of the cross to the disciples, He spoke of their cross. Learn more about that means exactly in this wonderful little book.

The Life of Victory - Meade MacGuire

One of my favorite books on victory after Steps to Christ, it is a study of Romans and Steps to Christ.

Does God Care - Meade MacGuire

This book looks at victory in the context of suffering. Also must reading.

Lambs Among Wolves - Meade MacGuire

This book is also wonderful on victory. You will especially enjoy the chapter entitled "Victory by Dying, Not Trying."


Magazine Articles Of Meade MacGuire

Meade MacGuire wrote many articles that appeared in denominational periodicals and publications. For some reason his books are little known. Here you will find some of those articles, a list of articles, etc.

Is There No Balm In Gilead?  

This is an exceedingly important and instructive article by Pastor MacGuire on how to really experience the blessings of righteousness by faith. It is a sermon that I have pondered and been blessed and happily share with others. This is one of Meade MacGuire's "must read" articles and will unequivocally help you in your walk with Jesus. It was first shared at one of the morning Bible Studies at the General Conference of 1926.

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The Victorious Life And How To Obtain It 

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Meade MacGuire is wonderfully clear on the way to victory in this magazine article!

Perfecting Holiness

This excellent article shares the how to perfect holiness God's way.

Cleansing Of  The Sanctuary

This is a wonderful article that provides much insight on the Sanctuary message, including applying Daniel 9: to the personal cleansing of God's people in the last days.

Latter Rain Series - Meade MacGuire

This is a 11 part series of articles that were published in the Review and Herald in 1943.


Elder MacGuire's Articles Listed

Here is a list of more than 150 articles I have been able to find in various publications, including the Review and Herald, Signs of the Times, etc. Click on this link: A List Of More Than 150 Articles of Meade MacGuire


Notes On Meade MacGuire's Ministry

Here you will find a few notes on Pastor MacGuire's ministry as a leader of youth and with the Ministerial Association.


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