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This page features the writings and sermons of Pastor Frank Phillips, a revivalist pastor and writer on righteousness by faith. His sermons and books are greatly appreciated for their instructive clarity, and come greatly recommended for their practical benefit.


Frank Philips

I became acquainted with Pastor Phillips when I was a student at Andrews University and invited him to hold a week of prayer for the students. A friendship developed at that time which continued for quite some time after that.

So far as his background goes, after serving as a pastor and department leader in a variety of places, he concluded his pastoral ministry at the Forest Grove Church in Oregon, and then went into revival work.

When Pastor Phillips came to hold meetings, he came armed with handouts of "Spirit of Prophecy" quotations, a heart full of love for Jesus, the message of righteousness by faith, and an ongoing walk in the things he taught. I, along with many others, was greatly blessed by those meetings, and received new understandings of the all important subject of righteousness by faith, and experienced a blessed transformation as well.

Pastor Phillips later sent me the manuscript that was later published as His Robe Or Mine. He also sent me an audio series of week of prayer meetings entitled the "Branch and the Vine," which I later adapted into book form and published as The Branch and the Vine.

He also preached many sermons which were recorded and are available. A few of them will be available on this page. Many others are available at the Justified Walk Ministry page (justifiedwalk.org).

So far as impact goes, His Robe Or Mine has brought wonderful victories to people all over the world. Traveling throughout the world, I have found copies of his book and heard testimonies of transformations, in many places.

While speaking at meetings in New Zealand, I heard Pastor/Professor Ron Clouzet (former head of the religion department at Southern Adventist University) recommend His Robe Or Mine as one of the best books he had read in the prior ten years. Knowing that, I asked him write a recommendation on His Robe Or Mine that I could add to my website.

I urge you to read the two books that are presently available and listen to his sermons. They were life-changing for me and will be life-changing for you. Pastor Clouzet's recommendation immediately follows.—Dan Augsburger

"There are very few books I have ever read that were as significant as Frank Phillips’ His Robe or Mine. And I have read many books. This book not only will change the life of any serious seeker, but it can actually change the life of any seasoned Adventist Christian. Its truths are so profound that the reader may be inclined to read it over and over again.
Pastor Phillips spent ten years writing this book at a time when research was not as convenient as it is today. He shows a vast knowledge of the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy, and a comprehensive understanding of this most critical of all subjects: the righteousness of Jesus on behalf of human beings.
The introduction alone is a great eye-opener on how Jesus has prepared salvation for us. The chapters on justification and sanctification are full of beauty and character-changing truths. The insights provided throughout the book are clear evidence of someone who has walked long with the Master. The chapter on the nature of Christ is the best I have seen anywhere. No book is perfect, but the Spirit of God will clearly bless the reader who reads this book. 
Pastor Phillips does not write superficially, nor does he spend a lot of time appeasing the reader with quick stories or emotional appeals. The author’s conviction is that truth alone, once discovered, will be so convicting, that Christ will become the center of the reader’s life. I highly recommend, dear reader, that you find a comfortable chair, take a pencil, and read this book. You may also read it on your electronic device. It may be the most important book, other than inspired writings, you will ever read.
Ron E. M. Clouzet
Ministerial Association Secretary
Northern Asia-Pacific Division
Former North American Division Evangelism Institute Director, Professor at the Seminary at Andrews University, and Dean of the School of Religion at Southern Adventist University.

Books by Frank Phillips

His Robe Or Mine

This is Pastor Phillips precious book that is so recommenced. Obtain it in pdf form here, or ask for a print copy through the Justified Walk Ministry.

His Robe or Mind English PDF


Sa Robe ou la Mienne - His Robe Or Mine French PDF


아버지의 새 두루마기? 나의 헌 두루마기? - His Robe Or Mine Korean PDF


他的白衣还是我的 - His Robe Or Mine Mandarin Chinese PDF


Su Manto O El Mío - His Robe Or Mine Spanish PDF


As Suas vestes ou as minhas - His Robe Or Mine Portuguese PDF


Haina Lui, Sau a Mea? - His Robe Or Mine Romanian PDF


Одежда ХристОвОй ПраведнОсти - His Robe Or Mine Russian PDF


Branch And The Vine

This is my adaptation of a midweek series on abiding in Christ. It is somewhat of a sequel to His Robe Or Mine and is also strongly recommended. I have personally heard stories of transformation that have come as a result of reading this book. It isn't long but highly instructive. 

Branch and Vine English A5 PDF


Branch and Vine English A4 PDF


Branch and Vine English 8x11 PDF


El Pámpano y la Vid - Branch and Vine Spanish PDF


“포도가지와 덩굴” - Branch and Vine Korean PDF


Marriage Miracle Shared By Frank Phillips