Mead MacGuire Righteousness by Faith Sermons



Meade MacGuire (1875-1967) was a prominent Adventist leader and author. In 1891, when he was 16 years old, he organized a youth society at his home church in Antigo, Wisconsin, which eventually developed into the Missionary Volunteer Society. In 1903 he served as a pastor in Colorado. In 1907 he joined the Young People’s Department at the General Conference. In 1913 he became a field secretary of the General Conference. In 1924 He became the Assistant Secretary of the Ministerial Association, working closely with A. G. Daniells to spread the message of righteousness by faith. He authored four important books on the topic; The Life of Victory, His Cross and Mine, Lambs Among Wolves and Does God Care, as well as other smaller publications and articles. Those attending his revivals and ministerial institutes were greatly blessed by the practical and Christ-centered messages he presented.

Pastor MacGuire's Sermons

Teach the Victorious Life - Meade MacGuire

Meade MacGuire’s presentation on teaching victory was made June 7, 1923 at the early morning session of the World Convention of the Educational and Missionary Volunteer Departments of the General Conference of Seventh Adventists held at Stratton Park, Colorado Springs, Colorado June 5 to 19, 1923

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