Notes On Meade MacGuire's Ministry



Notes On His Work With The Ministerial Association

Revival & Reformation Work

General Conference Bulletin, June 4, 1926

Early in the development of the association, Elder Meade MacGuire was appointed associate secretary. In response to pressing requests from many sources for special efforts to deepen the spiritual life of workers in conferences and students in our schools, Brother MacGuire and I have held many revival efforts in various parts of the field. A number of the most impressive and helpful ministerial institutes in which it has ever been my privilege to take part, have been held in most of the union conferences in North America; and each year since the formation of the association, earnest work has been done in our colleges and academies for our young men and women. In these revival and reformatory efforts, thousands have been awakened to their situation — their spiritual feebleness, their formalism, and their great pressing need of a new life in Christ. They have not only been awakened and alarmed, but thousands have sought God for that new birth, without which, Jesus declares, they cannot see the kingdom of God. They have experienced a change of heart, and have entered into a new fellowship with Christ. During the past fall and winter the officers of the association have worked with the General Educational and Missionary Volunteer Departments in conduct- ing the largest and most powerful revival movement ever attempted in our history for our young people. Every college and seminary in North America was included in this program. In this great effort, more than 3,000 students received instruction and appeals designed to lead them to a deeper spiritual experience."—A. G. Daniells

Work In The Far Eastern Division

"Elder MacGuire; one of the associate secretaries of the association, has spent his entire time in this field work. In addition to much earnest work done in North America, Brother MacGuire spent about two years in the Far Eastern Division, devoting his time, energies, and experience to the spiritual and intellectual uplift of our workers. His work has been quiet, deep, far-reaching, and lasting in effect, as is clearly indicated by the letters coming to our office from the workers, who tell of the new experience which has come into their lives as the result of this spiritual uplift work. In the Far East the Ministerial Association standard is firmly planted, and the messengers of the cross are advancing upon that mighty stronghold of the enemy in the power and joy of the personal presence of Christ.


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