What does it mean to intercede?

Bible Answer

John 16:26 "At that day ye shall ask in my name: and I say not unto you, that I will pray the Father for you:"

Inspired Answer

"What does intercession comprehend? It is the golden chain which binds finite man to the throne of the infinite God. The human agent whom Christ has died to save importunes the throne of God, and his petition is taken up by Jesus who has purchased him with His own blood. Our great High Priest places His righteousness on the side of the sincere suppliant, and the prayer of Christ blends with that of the human petitioner." {Lt13-1894.14}

"In following any plan that may be set in operation for carrying to others a knowledge of present truth, and of the marvelous providences connected with the advancing cause, let us first consecrate ourselves fully to Him whose name we wish to exalt. Let us also pray earnestly in behalf of those whom we expect to visit, by living faith bringing them, one by one, into the presenceof God. The Lord knows the thought and purposes of man, and how easily He can melt us! How His Spirit, like a fire, can subdue the flinty heart! How He can fill the soul with love and tenderness! How He can give us the graces of His Holy Spirit, and fit us to go in and out, in laboring for souls!"—Manuscript 2, “Consecrated Efforts to Reach Unbelievers,” June 5, 1914. {ChS 169.2}

"Through divine agency, we have the spirit of intercession, whereby we may plead with God, as a man pleadeth with his friend." {ST October 3, 1892, par. 7}

"The greatest blessing that God can give to man is the spirit of earnest prayer. All heaven is open before the man of prayer. The prayers offered in humble faith will be heard. “The Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered.” The ambassadors of Christ will have power with the people after they have, with earnest supplication, come before God." {RH October 20, 1896, par. 15}

Further Thoughts

Interceding is praying for the people around us—the members of our families, our friends, those we work with, our work colleagues, those who don't know Jesus, etc.

Sometimes intercession takes place in our quiet time with Jesus, sometimes we join others in praying for God's blessings on behalf of others. 

Sometimes we ask God to impress us with who we need to pray for, sometimes we use a list of some kind to help us remember who to pray for.

I cannot recommend intercessory prayer enough. I hope you will take the time—or make the time if you don't seem to have the time—to pray for others. You will be rewarded in seeing prayers answered if they are according to God's will, for God's glory and the good of the person being prayed for. You will also have the satisfaction of having entered into the same work that Christ is doing in the Heavenly Sanctuary.