Rose's Slow-Cooked Lentils


Rose's slow-cooked lentils with garlic lemon sauce are wonderful!
Rose's slow-cooked lentils with garlic lemon sauce are wonderful!



These lentils are a family favorite and much enjoyed by others. It is super easy to prepare and welcomed by all. There is only one thing added to the  lentils after they have been cooked: salt.



Place desire amount of lentils in a crock pot. 

Fill the crockpot to about 1/2 inch below the lip of the pot.

Cook on low overnight.

Add salt to taste.



We eat these lentils on brown rice, by themselves or on toast. We often use the Garlic Lemon Sauce to add to the flavor and make them good for enhancing immunity.


A Testimonial On These Lentils

"When I was sick with the flu, the Lord sent Rose and Dan to minister to me.  Every day they would bring me something to eat.  

One day, they brought me the best lentils I had ever eaten in my life.  They were cooked and seasoned to perfection.  

When Rose shared her recipe, I was in absolute shock because of the absolute simplicity of the recipe.  

Fill a crock pot up to the pot with water and add your dried lentils (cleaned of any debris or stones, of course).  Cook overnight.  Only after they are done, add a good quality salt.   They are ready! When served, add a dollop of Rose's lemon juice, garlic, and olive oil mixture and you will feast like a king!  

I also like to use them to make a lentil-walnut-onion taco "meat."  They are so versatile.  

I now cook all my beans using Rose's simple yet delicious recipe!"—Ada  


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