Banana Ice Cream

Banana Ice Cream


In the past Rose and I have typically made vegan ice cream using a blender. Using a blender, it is delicious, but doesn’t have much body. Eventually we learned to use an ice cream maker, which incorporates a lot of air in the mix. Rose came across posts about banana ice cream that was made with a food processor. The first time she made it I did not know what to expect: the ingredients were simple, the process seemed a bit crude. But the results were as creamy as most ice cream. I was hooked. We have since served it to other people and everyone raves. The ingredients are simple and no sugar is added, so this may be one of the healthier desserts. Try it. I am confident you will like it.


Ingredients (for two people)

Three ripe bananas Handful of fruit (blue berries, raspberries, etc.)



1. Freeze bananas ahead of time (Freezing the bananas is totally necessary)

2. Cut the frozen bananas into small pieces. This will greatly aide in making the ice cream.

3. Pulse the ingredients until they are mixed into a thick slurry. This will take quite a bit of time, but it is well worth it. I usually have to take off the cover quite a few times to tamp down the ingredients. Eventually it will get really smooth. You will have to eat it pretty quick since it melts quickly.


Ingredient Tip

A local grocery store sets out overripe bananas on a cart. They can be purchased for .25 per pound. So far as the extra fruit goes, you can incorporate them from a frozen state, or you can make a sauce. It works either way.